Lots of redundant life gain enablers which charge up Aetherflux or drain with Sanguine Bond.

This deck can gain life fast and just when I start to become targeted by the table I usually have enough mana to cast Teysa. Since most people don't like their creatures being blown up opponents are usually hesitant to attack me when she's out. Additional pillow fort cards in the deck help reinforce this attack deterrence.

Serra Avatar + Wall of Reverence out = doubling my life each turn (or 4x with Rhox also out) which only further buffs Serra Avatar as my life total skyrockets. These two cards are my first targets with the three black tutors in the deck and I love having either in my opening hand (freeing up a tutor to go get Aetherflux usually).

Shizo is great for giving evasion to lifelinking creatures.

Archangel of Thune provides additional crazy synergy with the lifegain theme.

Hatred and Exsanguinate are nasty mid-game finishers for an opponent. Debt to the Deathless is a mid-late game "I Win" card if things are stalling out.



Chopping Block:


Vampire Cutthroat for Vito. Phyrexian Processor for Crested Sunmare. Obzedat for Boon Reflection. Healer’s Hawk for Karlov. Congregate for Righteous Cause. Mana Vault for Tithe, I’d rather ensure land drops each turn then have one burst of colorless mana, MV is less useful without untapper shenanigans or lots of excess mana available to consistently reload it. Jade Monolith for Thran Dynamo. Gilded Lotus for Fellwar Stone. Beseech the Queen for Mastermind's Acquisition.


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