A deck designed specifically to stop a friend's Sheoldred, Whispering One deck!

The primary wincon is commander damage, so Voltron up! There are plenty of auras and equipments to buff Sigarda, Host of Herons ; ideally you want to keep her power at least at 7 so that you can put opponents on a 3 turn or less clock. Sigarda will attract a lot of hate, so it's usually best to hold back an aura or equipment for subsequent recasts.

You're number one priority should be to make her indestructible, which gives you a pretty solid lock; ( Avacyn, Angel of Hope , Bastion Protector , Indestructibility , Shield of the Oversoul , Shielded by Faith , Darksteel Plate , & Hammer of Nazahn will all get you setup for success). Should flying not be enough to get around defenders, you have Nylea, God of the Hunt , Rhonas the Indomitable , Armadillo Cloak , Rancor , or Unflinching Courage to help you push through with trample. Rogue's Passage can also be used in a pinch to get around blockers. You have a suite of board wipes and spot removal to round out the deck, which will help you recover should enemy board states outpace you.


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