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Saskia EDH: Berserker Blitz

Commander / EDH



Bash your head in, swear on me mum

Went for the most aggro version of Saskia I could. Looked at all creature cards with the word haste in them and compiled what I feel are the best that synergize. Creatures with haste and trample were especially welcome.

To complement the mostly hasted contingent of creatures are blocker and token removers, graveyard mechanics (so your 6/1 creature can hit again for 12 damage), a few buff cards (like Iroas, God of Victory or Gauntlet of Might), suicidal ramp (like Mana Crypt), and card draw.

Probably the lamest card in here is Tree of Perdition, so you can edit that out if the hate is too real, or inversly you could throw in Sorin Markov and Defense of the Heart to make this deck even more competitive. Could also edit in tutors to grab early game enders like Gratuitous Violence, but in my play group that's usually a signal to target that person.

Gaddock Teeg prevents any high cost board wipes or any big spell gamechangers, Eldrazi Displacer lets you bounce saskia, and Brion Stoutarm lets you bypass walls while still doing combat damage and gaining huge amounts of life as well.

The two advocate cards and the two hunted cards may seem like like strange choices but let me explain. Spurnmage Advocate is the best card in magic, fight me. lol, no seriously though you get to target what cards to bring back for the ability to ahnihilate any attacking creature, and the card only costs 1 mana to summon. Similarly, if your opponent is within lethal, Pulsemage Advocate can bring back a haste creature to finish them before they can reap the value of the cards you choose to return to them. As for the hunted cards (Hunted Dragon and Hunted Horror), in a 1v1 they probably should be traded out, but in a group session just give the tokens to someone other than your target as a political gift and reap the rewards of a 2 cost 7/7 with trample and a 5 cost 6/6 flying with haste. Additionally Legion Loyalist negates the tokens

Spike Jesteris probably one of the weaker cards I have now, he's a bit vanilla, but a 2 cost for possibly 6 immediate damage isn't that bad, and unlike hellspark you don't have to sacrifice him. Also his art is pretty cool

Besides Gratuitous Violence, Lightning Serpent can be pretty game ending if the match has gone on long enough.

By turn 3, hopefully Saskia is already out because of the mana ramp and from that point you can start dropping in threats every turn that are doing double damage. Additionally, it should be guaranteed damage in most cases since there are a lot of cards with trample.

If you liked this deck and want something more competitive, check out my "Talrand EDH: How to make your friend's quit magic" deck, or for something more political, fun, and casual my "Kyanios and Tiro EDH: Political Suicide Deck".


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