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Hi everyone, this is the first deck I publish and it would be great to get advice on improving it. Let's start by saying that it is not designed for competitive tables, but for a medium level meta, with games that can last a long time. The purpose of this deck is to defend yourself by discouraging your opponents from attacking you. This through cards like:

At the same time, the strategy is to slow down the game and deal a lot of damage to your opponents over the course of turns. This through:

There are also other fun cards like Reverberate that can copy opponent's wincons.

In summary, the purpose of the deck is to defend yourself, to heavily punish anyone who wants to attack you and to hit at the right time causing a lot of damage. In the sideboard I inserted cards that prove useful against decks with many counters (Red Elemental Blast, Pyroblast) and against decks that tend to play many creatures (Fumigate).

I thank anyone who wants to help me improve it.


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