A control Lier disciple of the drowned deck made to mock the idea of not using counterspells.

The standard goldfish wins about at turn 6-8

The first few turns consist of playing a tempo game, casting cantrips and bouncing spells and permanents to their owner's hands, stalling the game until you can win. cards you'd want to be using are Ponder + Preordain as well as Redirect + Unsubstantiate .

During the late game, a win situation would look like having Lier, Disciple of the Drowned in play, having one or more of Frantic Search + Snap + Turnabout in hand or graveyard, [High Tide] preferably in hand so you can cast it twice, and some way to draw lots of cards like the aforementioned cantrips, or Blue Sun's Zenith style cards, or an Archmage Emeritus to draw into extra turn spells or the decks win-con

the deck win's by either storming off and milling your library with Brain Freeze or drawing most of it with mass card draw, and resolving a Thassa's Oracle


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