Summary Dismissal

Summary Dismissal


Exile all other spells and counter all abilities.

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Summary Dismissal Discussion

Omniscience_is_life on Top 5 Counterspells Of All …

2 months ago

plakjekaas when it comes to... well, most cards, the lower the mana cost the better. When it comes to interaction, that rule is even more important.

In most scenarios, Disallow is a better card than Summary Dismissal --that isn't to say there are a few places where Dismissal shines, but those are corner cases. To show this sort of comparison in action, the reason people play Counterspell and not Dissipate is that, although Dissipate has upside, it costs more. And that's enough to make a huge difference.

plakjekaas on Top 5 Counterspells Of All …

2 months ago

Pay more and deal with entire game-winning stacks of spells and abilities, and you get Summary Dismissal , which can counter the Storm trigger, something Disallow can't do.

On top of that, it exiles the spells instead of just countering them, working even through a Boseiju, Who Shelters All -like can't-be-countered effect. If we go by power, it's hard to beat that.

Tzefick on Sanctum Keeper

6 months ago

I mean... a 3 mana Summary Dismissal on an ability (so regular counter spells don't work) is probably not a good thing.

If anything at least have it as an ETB so people can counter the creature to avoid the mass counter-spell-exile-ability, and even as an ETB it is scary with flicker effects.

I think I would lower it to only target a single spell to exile and maybe even have a restriction that the spell it exiles has to target you, a spell you control, a card in your graveyard, or a permanent you control.

The ability that whenever an opponent casts a noncreature spell they have to let you draw cards is already a quite powerful effect. I know it's meant to par up to Hullbreacher and Opposition Agent , but I also think it doesn't have to be a legacy auto-include.

Gabe_The_Controller on Favorite Standard Homebrew (any Standard)

7 months ago

From oath of the gate watch until rotation with ixalan I had a blue white control deck with ulamog the ceaseless hunger as a wincon. After magering network rotated out I didn't have a reliable way of casting ulamog besides the game going really long.

I also only had two ulamogs so that part wasn't super reliable so the 4 of spellqueller helped close games too. But yeah I absolutely loved the deck.

I also played a one of Summary Dismissal since I really liked the spell. Funny story with that is before fnm one night I played some games against someone and played that and they just pointed out how it was bad being 4 cmc and really shouldn't be in the main deck. Then at that fnm I was playing against a bant marvels deck and they activated marvel hitting ulamag going to exile my ulamog and spellqueller and I hit their ulamog and cast triggers with the summary dismissal. The guy I played earlier had been standing on the side and started laughing when he saw that. It felt pretty good to me.

Tyrant-Thanatos on Storm Scale: Theros and Theros: …

9 months ago

I agree with MaRo about strive too. Boring, expensive ability that requires a lot of set up to get the most of it.

But that's only because they chose to design the cards that way. The ability itself does not inherently create these problems. Consign to Dust didn't have to cost to cast and an additional per extra target. I'd hesitate to reduce the primary casting cost to avoid a strictly-better Naturalize (though those already exist now so whatever I guess), but per extra target!? FFS that could have easily been and the card would be fine imo. Maybe if you're trying to be conservative about it. But is just absurd. And this is a consistent issue with these cards, and it's not a problem with the ability itself, it's a problem with the design philosophy that was in play when they designed them. I mean Nature's Panoply come on

Honestly the 5 strive cards IMO we are missing are Strive Mind Control, Polymorph, Flicker, recurr from GY and targetted sacrifice

Creature destruction? Damage? -X/-X? Protection? "recur from GY" can be done various ways on various targets. Artifacts, creatures, instant/sorcery, to hand, to battlefield, etc. The only Strive Bounce spell only targeted Enchantments ffs.

Cards like Double Negative, Swift Silence, and Summary Dismissal have been printed, so I see no reason a goofy Strive Counterspell couldn't have been made.

Either way, they're definitely in a position where bringing this back is unlikely. You're not going to excite people with the return of a mechanic that floundered the way this one did, regardless of if it was an issue with the core concept of the mechanic or the design and implementation of it.

hfvalenz on MagicalHacker - List of All Counterspells

1 year ago

I was wondering why Silumgar's Scorn made the list, as I find it very very narrow.

Also I wanted to suggest Summary Dismissal, even tho it has 4 CMC.

Devouver on Rayami, First to Fall

1 year ago

You are too dependent on your commander. Once it's is cared of, you have no way to win. Controls, decks with lots of responses will deal with this easily. If you want to play this successfully, you should consider to throw in some kind of slow downs like:

To be able to protect you commander against uncounterable spells:

Spells to change:

Try a way to throw in a Ashnod's Altar. It will speed you up.

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