So this is my sweet Hanna, Ship's Navigator deck. I own the whole thing in paper, and it's my favorite deck to play, its a serious force at the table. It lays low and slows down the game, countering key spells or outright preventing certain combos from occurring.

The deck has one main angle of attack. It ramps, draws cards, and plays some stax pieces that slow down creature decks, which are the deck's main weakness. Not to worry, because as you read this and look through the decklist you'll see that this deck has all the answers and multiple safety nets to make sure that I survive, and if I'm surviving, my opponents are dying.

The Stax Pieces

I'm putting Crucible of Worlds under this section because of its functionality with Strip Mine , but it also enables land destruction strategies with Armageddon and Sunder .

Overburden significantly slows down creature decks, as well as Ghostly Prison , Sphere of Safety , and Propaganda .

Mana Breach serves a similar effect while also seriously binding up decks that don't play as many creatures. We can easily play around it with Serra's Sanctum , our decent ramp package, or just by holding back on our spells.

Smothering Tithe and Rhystic Study both bind up mana while giving us advantage. Mind's Dilation isn't strictly a stax card but it gives us some advantage, and has potential to screw our opponents out of a wincon. (I also can't count the number of times I've countered someone's spell with their own counter off the top)

Authority of the Consuls prevents combos that need infinite etbs or need to have haste. Also gives us a ton of life over the course of the game.


The deck has a few notable combos which either win the game or provide significant value.

Memory Jar + Hanna, Ship's Navigator (serious draw engine)

Land Tax + Scroll Rack (another serious draw engine)

Mindslaver + Hanna, Ship's Navigator or Academy Ruins (infinite "take someone's turn") Opalescence + Enchanted Evening (blows up all lands)

Tunnel Vision + Open the Vaults or Replenish (fill your graveyard with goodstuff, then get it all back)

There is a second step to the above combo, after putting your whole deck into play with Open the Vaults . It involves Parallax Wave , Opalescence , and Enchanted Evening . This is sort of a complicated combo. Since Parallax Wave becomes a creature due to the effect of Opalescence it can target itself with its ability. So, when targeting another creature with the ability, you can hold priority and exile Parallax Wave in response. Parallax Wave returns itself to play, but the other creature will not return to play, wave is a new entity and the "leaves the battlefield" trigger never occurs for it, a la the Oblivion Ring trick. Alongside Enchanted Evening this combo allows you to exile all of your opponent's permanents.

After this combo hits the board, it is impossible for your opponents to win. They cannot even keep lands in play. It's nasty. Typically you'll still have to beat down with your enchantments (which isn't hard) because people wanna be funny, or they're tilted out.

As mill protection, this deck runs two Timetwister effects in the form of Time Spiral and Echo of Eons . This also allows me to refill my hand while Omniscience is in play and continue that line. I play Metallurgic Summonings because if I mill over all my shuffle-in effects, I can use it to get them back, and then shuffle my graveyard back in so I don't mill out and lose.

I don't feel like its necessary to talk about the removal package or the counter package. They're mostly good spells that cover my bases ( Summary Dismissal has a million use cases). Even though this is an enchantress deck, you might notice that there aren't 30+ enchantments and this is why. Holding up action instead of laying it all out on the board saves me from getting blown out, and it even means I can answer some of those potential blowouts. The higher amount of instants/sorceries also means I have a backup win-con in Metallurgic Summonings .

There are cards that are not in here on purpose, even though they might seem like a obvious inclusions: Starfield of Nyx (With Enchanted Evening , it destroys all my lands and only my lands. The upkeep recursion isn't worth it, and it's really slow. This makes it an automatic no in this deck) Vendilion Clique and Spell Crumple (I've gotten these suggestions a hundred times and it may seem like a no-brainer to use Tunnel Vision to kill a player, but there are some problems. Firstly, it puts a target on my head. Second, its a large mana investment for a guaranteed kill (on only one player). Third, Tunnel Vision is the main wincon of the deck, while possible to win in other ways it gets harder if I have to spend cards to reuse it after firing it off at someone else. These cards could merit inclusion if they did more on their own, but as a primary use to setup Tunnel Vision on another player (when I would rather be using it on myself and winning the game) is weak. I could still somehow add these in the future if I find my main wincon keeps getting exiled (which could happen), or something like that.)

I have added custom categories if you wanna see a breakdown of the different roles each card plays in the deck. I haven't made them the default because it makes it hard to look at the list as a whole since some cards fit into multiple categories.


Updates Add


This deck has always been on the competitive side, and one of its weaknesses was the lack of free counters. This was shored up by Pact of Negation which was good, but for a control deck there's one counter that is super important, Force of Will . I sold a decent amount of cards since I've been playing less magic while at college, so I decided to turn that sale into more upgrades for this deck.

Firstly the lands. I added some more fetches, which had been sitting in my dusty modern deck. I added Irrigated Farmland as another fetch target/cycling land so there's another card with some Crucible of Worlds synergy. I actually added Hall of Heliod's Generosity after it came out, but I forgot to update this list.

I added Echo of Eons at the same time, since having two Timetwister is better than having just one. I haven't missed Emergency Powers yet. This kind of lead to my choice to remove Commit for Force of Will . Two Twisters had been a good number for a long time, and a counter/twister seemed like a good addition. Problem is Commit is 4 mana, and Memory has now been replaced by Echo of Eons .

I've been playing Ponder over Brainstorm for a long time, since I didn't used to play fetchlands, so my number of shuffle effects were all incredibly low. Now I have plenty of fetches to abuse Brainstorm , which I have signed by Chris Rush.

Teferi's Protection is a card that just says "I don't lose this turn". I was avoiding adding it for a while because it was kinda expensive, kinda bullshit, and potentially a dead card. It was hard to find an obvious change for it, and I reasoned out that while Detention Sphere can save me after infinite tokens come down, Grasp of Fate can't. I don't like cutting spot removal, but I figure maybe I have enough, with counters to supplement

Speaking of counters, Arcane Denial was switched for Dovin's Veto . I mostly want it because I've seen it getting a lot of play and it makes sense. Lots of wincons get hit by Dovin's Veto , and although it is a bit more limited, it's also uncounterable which I think is a good enough reason for a change. Torrential Gearhulk was finally upgraded into a Snapcaster Mage (Schnellzauberer in german). I do still really like gearhulk and want to swap something else out and put it back in because having a second snapcaster is good, and it synergizes with Hanna, Ship's Navigator .

I was going to swap Mind's Dilation for the new card, Verity Circle after seeing it perform well in CEDH videos and such. However I am a fool. I like dilation way more. I could try to argue about how dilation is more likely to get me cards, since players need to cast spells if they want to win the game, but ultimately I am a sucker for effects that steal cards, and I would be hard pressed to take this card out for a card that is better.

I am considering adding Humility , I could see myself taking out some other card for Verity Circle , and I want to get Torrential Gearhulk back into the list. When I do I'll post another update and explain my changes

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