Tribal vampire aggro. 3.09 Creature / 2.4 Non-Creature cmc avgs. (2.76 overall).

Another Edgar Markov deck, but with a twist! Abuse Reconnaissance to break all the rules of normal combat. Intrigued yet? Well in that case read on below.

How to break combat:

The intended use of Reconnaissance is pretty straightforward, allowing you to dodge most combat tricks, unfavorable blocks, etc. In itself a nice ability, but this card has a few tricks hidden up it's sleeves.

1) After damage is dealt players recieve priority (the chance to use spells and abilities such as Reconnaissance) while creatures are still considered 'attacking'. This means that you can use Reconnaissance to untap your creatures even after damage has been dealt, effectively granting them pseudo-vigilance. No, the "neither deals, nor recieves damage" part is not applied retroactively and technically doesn't even exist on the oracle text anymore since the rule it's referring to no longer exists. Not bad for a 1-drop enchantment.

2) Since you can attack with all your creatures every turn with no fear of losing any, you'll have more attackers than your opponent has blockers, resulting in more unblocked creatures and therefore more damage.

3) Here's where it really gets fun. Players recieve priority after EVERY combat damage step. This means that you have a chance to use Reconnaissance AFTER first strike damage, but BEFORE regular damage. This is especially broken with Stromkirk Captain as it makes combat entirely one-sided.

Feedback, upvotes, and ideas are appreciated, thanks in advance. Please feel free to check out my other lists.

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