Abzan Weenie Hatebears. 2.34 non-creature cmc, 3.26 creature cmc, and 2.71 overall (updated 1/12/22).

A light hatebear theme with pillowfort elements and LOTS of ways to draw cards. The deck is very resilient and hard to interact with thanks to 26 cards that protect me and/or my permanents. Sidar makes your weenies hard to block and Tymna keeps your grip full. Finishers consist of Mirror Entity/Jazal for post-block pumps, a few X spells, and/or Eerie Ultimatum (or just catching someone with their pants down after you Fog, Holy Day, or Darkness).

Feedback, ideas, and/or upvotes are appreciated, thanks in advance. Feel free to check out my other decks.

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