Power level 7! Fun deck to play big dinos and play casual formats. No wombo combos. Play early ramp and artifact cards to play Gishath, Sun's Avatar on turn 5 or 6 ideally. Then attack with trample and haste to cheat dinos on to the board. Some dinos can be cast from the hand or top of the deck for better effects. Wakening Sun's Avatar can be cast from the hand and The Tarrasque can be cast from the top of the deck or hand for extra effects to help remove blockers for Gishath, Sun's Avatar before damage is dealt. Spot removal and Settle the Wreckage can be used to help Gishath, Sun's Avatar get through with more damage before the next turn. Granger Guildmage is in the deck to trigger enrage on Ripjaw Raptor to draw cards or trigger enrage abilities on Silverclad Ferocidons, Apex Altisaur, Siegehorn Ceratops, and Polyraptor. Granger Guildmage also has the ability to give a big dino first strike. Protect the dinos that come out with Teferi's Protection, Boros Charm, and Heroic Intervention. Use Enlightened Tutor to get Mirari's Wake for mana ramp or Descendants' Path to cast dinos for free from the top of the deck. Have fun rampaging with Dinos!


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