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Big Bad Jodah (Average CMC now 8.36!)

Commander / EDH*


UPDATE: God damn, Jodah, Archmage Eternal was like MADE for this deck. I now have access to a Fist of Suns in my Command Zone? AMAZING!

Alow me to present, the epitome of battlecruiser magic.

Tired of people telling you to limit your dreams with tedious topics like manacurves and balancing your number of threats and answers? Well do I have a treat for you.

This deck is all about ignoring everything you have been taught in favor of showing off as many stupidly big cards as possible.

Is it competetive? Hell no.

Is it FUN? Hell YES!

Drop that Grozoth, FILL your hand with cards, and blow the table up as you either toss your hand around with Pyromancy or dump them all into play with Myojin of Life's Web.

Have you ever wanted to play Gleemax? Did you think it would only be a distant dream, never to be realized, as un-cards are not legal? Well screw that, we have Psychic Battle. Yes, with our wonderful 9 CMC cards on the top of our deck, we will pretty much ALWAYS win. You don't even remove the card after winning! That's right, keep the 9 CMC card on top with Sensei's Divining Top for your very own self-built Gleemax! Watch your enemies wallow in despair as their removal swerves around to hit themselves!

Getting your day ruined by other decks and their properly balanced manacurves? Omen Machine says up yours, it's PLAY BIG FATTIES time.

This and much much more is brought to your gaming table when this beast enters the fray. Enjoy!

And remember the wise words of Timmy. enter image description here


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