I put this deck together while in quarantine. After I went through the deck list I made in thinking I may never actually play the deck I realized I already owned the majority of the cards and only needed 10 cards I din't have already. I'm glad I did because I've been wanting to play with some of these cards but didn't have a deck for them. I find that even when I'm not getting the card draw I want I feel the deck still performs great. Outside of a cyclonic rift overload this deck typically builds wide and creates enough tokens and pillow fort to make it easy to win. Enjoy!

I tried to make this so the idea is to overwhelm your opponents with flying tokens. I tried to keep the cmc low on the artifacts and enchantments in order to be able to create as many tokens as possible. I have barely had a chance to play it but what I have managed to do playing over skype has seemed to work well so far.


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