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Same deck but another substantial change. Removing Lord Xander, the Collector and subbing in Kess, Dissident Mage which has made a big difference to how this deck performs. Basically an all round improvement, although I'm sorry to see Xander go, I think it's about time as it just wasn't performing how I'd like. Any way this is a new deck format, and a new game plan!

After a hell of a lot of iterations, cuts and more cuts, the deck should now consistently draw and tutor out the main combo to pull out the win. With the help of a ton of draw the pieces should be easy to find and along the way, the protection you'll need to make sure the combo hits. Much more focused than previous, there are no other win cons other than the main plan so control of the board or at the very least, counters in hand are priority to pick up the win.

We're going for a self mill win with either Thassa's Oracle or Laboratory Maniac, although the thoracle is absolutely the best and cheapest option in terms of mana cost. With a earliest win of turn 2 if you're incredibly lucky!

You'll want to find Tainted Pact which since no cards have the same name, can be used to completely remove your library, then thoracle down and there's your win. Lab man can do the same, just be sure you can draw first!

Since there is only the core combo to win, a counter in hand is almost essential but hopefully easily found with the card draw and tutors there.

It's been fun playing with and so far works alot better than Xander ever did, but I think it can do better and get even more reliable. At this point it's more a better land base, a bit more in the way of control and protection and probably ramp that are the biggest areas to improve on, so feel free to put in any suggestions you might have and let me know what you think!

Edit So I've had a lot of fun with this deck and it's done me better than I could have hoped, but this is prob the last update on it for a while. Want to mix it up a little so this is staying for the archives. Will some day update it to a yore deck with Breya as commander but until then!


Updates Add

Have removed some of the larger redundant cards like Ancient Silver Dragon and replaced them with budget tutors to get the Doomsday win con much more reliably. Back up wins are still there but should be much more streamlined. The Mana base has been improved as well, although will continue to keep it improving and make it faster hopefully.


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