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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal



Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

Ninjew42 on Bloody Tides

1 week ago

Dreadbore in sideboard.

Ojallday on Dealing with politics as an …

1 month ago

I have a friend that ran Markov who had a similar problem. Due to the nature of the deck you drop all of your creatures and kill one player. His solution was to transition to a mid-range strategy. Simply put he would cast early game threats to put pressure on other players, but they didn't win him the game or kill a player, so that he could win the game on later turns. Since I don't know how you are losing I'll put forward a few ways players stop Markov decks and how to counter those strategies.

First, are players killing you when all of you creatures are tapped down? Keep some of your creatures back as blockers, this is obvious and the strategy goes against how agro players operate in most formats but is needed in multiplayer environments. Along the same lines are white spells that can untap all of your creatures on other players turns like Battle Cry and Call to Glory leading to fun combat tricks to kill off important creatures and more importantly save your life total.

Second, are players board wiping constantly to knock down your board state? This was the problem my friend had and after two board wipes he would be out of cards in hand with no board state top decking hoping for some sort of Windfall. There are a few ways to counter this which can be focused on individually or can be mixed for similar results. Making it so your creatures don't die is one method featuring spells like Boros Charm and Teferi's Protection. Another is mass reanimation spells like Faith's Reward, Patriarch's Bidding and Living Death. Finally are flexible spells that essentially replace the creatures you lost. Those being Reprocess, Plumb the Forbidden or Village Rites.

Third, playing politics. Like you said there is not much stopping the rest of the table from ganging up on you, you can however influence other players decisions based on how you play and how others at your table play as well. Hold back threats, it's tempting to dump your hand and start swinging but as you mentioned this makes you a huge target. Instead put down a Coat of Arms or another value spell and hold the rest of your mana open for interaction, which leads to my next point interaction. You have some of the best removal spells in the game in your colors like Fracture,Dreadbore, Anguished Unmaking and Swords to Plowshares all of which are great bargaining chips to use as favors for other players, as well as being useful to take care of things causing problems for you. Last of all are less card choices but more how you address the table, having a good pokerface helps a lot with this. At the start of the game address the commanders others are playing and talk to the group about the powerful synergies they employ. Whenever an important combo or synergy price is played by an opponent point it out to the other players and if it's very strong stress it needs to be dealt with, which may incline the other players to use spells on it, reducing what they can use against you and making it so you don't have to deal with the problem. When a Tutor is cast discuss what spell the player could be gettng, this will draw attention to them and away from you. Finally when players address your board shift focus away from it, point out another player with the winning board state or the deck that won the last game. Downplay that you are a threat until you are ready to win the game. Keep in mind you are still an agro deck, so you can always lean into dumping your hand to kill a player fast if the game match up calls for it.

This final section is just general deck construction. Vampire selection: make sure you vampires are doing more that entering the battlefield to create an extra Vampire through eminence. Things like Blood Artist and Viscera Seer give value when opponents interact with the board and thing like Twilight Prophet draws cards. There are also the vampire lords that buff all of your vampires and tokens. Things that have synergy with your strategy are good includes too like Sanguine Bond, Impact Tremors or Goblin Bombardment and go a long way. Finally is "normal" card advantage that doesn't rely on you having vampires out and will shine in the early game as well as add value late game, Greed, Phyrexian Arena and Wheel of Misfortune.

I hope some of my thoughts help you work out a good game plan.

maddogcannon on BLIGHTNING ELESKENTAL / flamekin harbinger gf

2 months ago

Update 1: Question. Is Angrath's Rampage a true side-grade to Dreadbore ? I don’t want to give up versatility, but the targeting might be better. Maybe Terminate is even better, because instant speed, but this is an aggressive deck that will probably work best when I’m tapping out. Bedevil is the middle ground but way too expensive and specific costed for modern methinks. Also, with Rakdos Charm in my side board, and Kolaghan's Command in my main board, maybe I have enough answers to artifacts. Thoughts?

Icbrgr on Faerly Odd Wizards

2 months ago

I think this is very interesting.... because you have access to maybe Terminate/Dreadbore should be in here over Wizard's Lightning or just SB tech?

StoryArcher on Will this 7-rack be competitive?

2 months ago

I thank everyone for the good advice being offered. Many of the suggestions made are representative in my original mono-black deck (linked below).

8 Rack, All Black

Modern StoryArcher


The deck in my original post seeks to incorporate some of the really great red/black cards like Dreadbore, Kolaghan's Command, Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger and Blood Moon... is this the wrong way to go?

kamarupa on Hidetsugu Shakedown (Ogre tribal!)

2 months ago

Thanks so much for the thoughtful suggestions, wallisface! I'm very interested to hear if your suggestions take into account a few things: 1) This is intended for modern casual multiplayer (3-5 players), which, in my experience plays a bit slower than 1v1 casual modern, and much slower than 1v1 competitive modern. 2) Wrecking Ogre has a lot of interaction with Vessel of the All-Consuming  Flip - Vessel gets a +1/+1 counter whenever it deals damage, so giving it double strike means it will get two +1/+1 counters in one turn's attack phase. Since Vessel has trample, it's very likely to deal a player combat damage, and with Wrecking Ogre, it becomes a 6/6 double strike trample that could possibly trigger the Vessel's last ability, killing a player.

I absolutely think the instants and sorceries included as I write this are the weakest area in the deck. I initially included Inquisition, but realized early on that 1) I'm really bad at playing discard spells (and not much of a B or R player) 2) discard late game can be pretty hit or miss.

I can see Lightning Bolt getting moved into the mainboard, though I'd probably cut Dreadbore for it first.

With Hidetsugu Consumes All  Flip destroying all 1 drops t3, Terminate and any other removal are ideally saved for things Hidestugu misses. That seems to make Fatal Push less good here.

Do you have any other specific instants/sorceries that have synergy with the deck's mechanics?

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