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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal



Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

DarkKiridon on Minotaurs 2

2 weeks ago

Cards I recommend:

Felhide Petrifier for obvious reasons.

Bomat Courier to test. You need a one drop creature. Felhide Brawler possibly. I do not like Felhide Minotaur, the Petrifier is better and you need all your 3 drops to be worth it. I know Ragemonger helps in that regard.

Metallic Mimic :)

Fatal Push over Cast Down/Murder. Even Terminate is better. Dreadbore if you want to start a sideboard.

Just some thoughts. Happy building!

YamishiTheWickedOne on

5 months ago

A fellow fan, nice. Btw, the changes I'm recommending are based on established vampire decks that have seen some success in competitive play online, though not to the same degree as the most popular deck in the format, Rakdos midrange. Vampires used to be an alternative black midrange deck that was worse but didn't auto-lose to Burn game 1. Vampires have fallen out of popularity a bit but they still exist as a fringe tier 2 deck. They can still win locals and online competitions.

There's a Rakdos version of the deck I recommend that aims to utilize Sorin to drop Olivia, Crimson Bride and Lord Xander, the Collector who are both very strong with Sorin. I consider Orzhov to be less fun and explosive in comparison, but much more consistent overall. Although Rakdos does have access for the best vampire in recent memory, Bloodtithe Harvester. That and it can use Dreadbore.

My 2 Pioneer decks are Rakdos midrange and Orzhov vampires. Rakdos is better overall but vampires are more fun for me personally.

One last thing, there's going to be 2 new legendary vampires in the new set, and I could see Drana and Linvalda or whatever her name is making sideboard for BW. The big thing for me though is Ghalta and Mavren, which is Green/White but is still a vampire and can therefore be dropped turn 3 for no mana via Sorin. 12/12 trample Vamprie Dinosaur, whenever you attack you spawn an attacking dinosaur with p/t equal to your strongest creature's power, or alternatively creates that many 1/1 lifelink vampires. The issue is it's 100% dead in hand without Sorin but is probably the strongest Sorin drop from sheer power alone.

TheReal_MtGHaystak on Rakdos Pirates Modern

5 months ago

Love the idea! Pirates are one of my favorite MtG tribes and doesn’t get nearly enough support. I’ve also tried making a Pirate list for modern. As fun as it is, tribal decks just aren’t that viable. Some things that could help out though are lowering you mana curve, you’re wanting to build aggro but have lots of creatures with CMC 3 or higher, in aggro that’s just too slow. Firstly, if you can afford them, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer. Arguably one of the strongest red cards in play right now. Dire Fleet Poisoner and Fathom Fleet Captain are both great options to keep around, and I after playing a similar list, I think Rigging Runner out performs Daring Buccaneer. Second, your spells are flavorful but ultimately watered down versions of better cards. You’ve got access to Fatal Push, Lightning Bolt and Unholy Heat as 1 mana removal and Terminate or Dreadbore in 2 mana, to name a few. I’d also look into Kolaghan's Command or Unearth as ways to recycle your pirates in the late game. Some hand disruption will also play well with pirates and you have access to Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek. Lastly, while I like Angrath a lot as a planeswalker, I’m not sure a 5 mana walker is the best fit in what wants to be an aggro deck. I think ultimately, by turn 5 you will rather have a definite win-con, and Angrath in here just seems a little “win-more”, without reliably being able to finish the game the turn he is played

FormOverFunction on The Great Planeswalker Debate

8 months ago

(1) Everything Caerwyn said. Very accurate and well-explained. (2) I would like to carry the Luddite torch further by saying “I remember back when the players were the only planeswalkers.” I like to joke that Dreadbore should just insta-kill your opponent. (3) My biggest complaint is more focused on the soft (non-mechanics) end of the spectrum. Rightfully or wrongfully, I see planeswalkers as the beginning of the end of the players-in-the-spotlight era. When I started playing, the players were mighty wizards grabbing unexpecting thrulls out of Breeding Pits and flinging them at each other. One might have gotten their hands on an ancient Pentagram of the Ages somehow. How does it work? No idea! Who made it? No way of knowing! But that wizard has it and will be that much harder to defeat. Maybe the other wizard dug up Urza's Chalice. Who’s was Urza? An ancient dude of great power, from ages ago. Important? Sure, but not as important as how that wizard is about to use it! All that other stuff was forever ago, and your defeat is staring you in the face here and now! You get the picture. Today, with WOTC so heavily invested in these planeswalkers and their stories, we are (as nearly as is possible in a build-your-own-deck game) locked on the railroad tracks of their stories. It’s approaching the point, with the way the cards appear to be created, that you’ll need to read the book to find out how to make the deck. You may be chuckling at that, but I don’t see it being that far off. When WOTC just dumped a bunch of Earth Elementals and Giant Growths in your lap, the game seemed WIDE OPEN. Sure there were stories and books and names like Llanowar and Serra that hinted at enormous story arcs, but you were still just two wizards slugging it out somewhere else. Using the tools you had available. To wrap this up: planeswalkers, in my mind, cemented the railroad tracks in place that dragged -us- planeswalkers off stage. Forced us into the front row seating of a sub-off-Broadway performance that simply cannot live up to what our imaginations had been building for years... about characters that either never meant anything to us before, or are weak shadows of what we had imagined. It’s just super disappointing to pull the D&D/role playing/imagination out of this game, especially when you consider that it was likely an accidental byproduct; a necessity borne of their inability to do more at the time (I think they probably would have started the game this way if they had the resources). It might be difficult for everyone to relate to this, but it’s a little like the Atari game Pitfall for me. The game is repetitive and hollow by today’s standards; the maps are random/inconsistent, and the only skill used is jump. As a younger lad, though, my mind was ROARING while I played it. Imagining swinging from vines over giant scorpions and scooping up piles of treasure was at the front of my mind, leveraged exponentially by the box art (treat yourself to a viewing of all the different pieces of original Atari box art sometime- it’s gorgeous stuff). Now, everything about a video game is there. In front of you. Once you’ve seen it, heard it, and defeated it, you’re done and it is (usually) discarded as flavorless gum. At risk of being overly dramatic; that’s sort of what planeswalkers have done to magic for me. I am not a fan. (TLDR: planeswalkers represent the growing pre-chewed and pre-arranged feeling I get from magic these days and I don’t like them and I’m old and get off my lawn)

TypicalTimmy on What is your favorite tribe, …

8 months ago

I think it's been asked before, but we have many new players and users so I thought it would be nice to go over it again.

Title says it all.

Many users on here may be aware my favorite and most beloved tribe are the Minotaur, but why is this?

When I first began playing, I just went big or went home. Huge creatures, 8+ mana spells, massive combat swings, etc. Then, one of my former co-workers who happens to play competitively wanted to sit down at the table with us.

He brought his Modern Elfball deck, which won 1st place in a local championship. And I lost, again and again and again. At first losing wasn't so bad, but this guy also is not just a sore loser, but he has a bit of a God complex.

What do I mean by this? Any possible chance he gets in life to either put someone down, or prop himself up, he'll take. For example, when I was a machine operator maybe I'll have setup, did the fine-tune and achieved minimum scrap in about 45 minutes before production approval. He would, completely unprovoked, tell you he could have done it in 30 with zero scrap. Just to make you feel bad. Then, when it took him six hours and over 3,000 pounds of material, it was the fault of everyone else. Material suppliers for garbage plastic, engineers for poor tooling design, maintenance for failing machine upkeep, etc.

So anyway, there I am losing over and over. Eventually, I stopped playing Magic. Weeks would pass and he would still loom all of the loses over my head.

  • "Oh yeah, that's cool. But how many games did you win? Oh right, none."

Eventually I had a bit of an epiphany... He's winning with big creatures and fast combat. What if I out paced him, with midrange?

So I went to work. My Rakdos Minotaur deck had 13 (mostly) instant speed kill spells and Minotaur lords by the playset, and ramp.

He dropped an Elf. BOOM Terminate. Another Elf, MURDERED. Elf? Dreadbore. Elf? Unlicensed Disintegration.

Eventually he had a boardstate of a few Elves, and I had just three Minotaur.

Rageblood Shaman, Neheb, the Worthy and Felhide Petrifier.

I move to combat. A 2/3, 2/2 and a 2/3? He shrugs and takes it.

Well, Unlicensed Disintegration. 3 more damage to face. Fugg.

Okay so what he takes 6, so 9 in total? Big whoop.

Nope >:)

Rageblood Shaman gives +1/+1 to the others. And Neheb, the Worthy gives +2/+0 because I just lowered my hand by enough with that last spell!

So really it's a 5/4, a 5/3 and a 5/4.

So 15+3 or 18. Lethal, at this point.

He freaks the F out and puts up blockers despite us having moved to combat damage resolution. Fine.

First strike, deathtouch and trample.

Still lethal.

He sank. His jaw dropped. He couldn't believe it. His 1st place prize winning deck lost.

I may have been beaten a half dozen times, but in this moment I was victorious and it infuriated him.

And that, my friends, is why I love my cows :)

TypicalTimmy on Doubling Cube instead of Mulligans

9 months ago

Wasn't there a fix already proposed? The "French" Mulligan, I believe it was called? Where you draw 7 and, when you decide you'd rather not keep a hand of 6 lands and 1 mana rock, you take those seven cards and throw them at the bottom in a random order. You draw the next seven and decide if you'd like to keep. If you do, you choose 1 of the 7 and that too goes to the bottom.

If you do not keep, all 7 go to the bottom and you draw the next seven. If you keep that, you choose 2 cards and those go to the bottom.

  • (They may all get shuffled in, I'm not sure.)

Either way, the best way to end poor draws and needless mulligans is to just adhere to proper deck building techniques, such as land ratios and mana curves. That won't guarantee you 100% of the time that a hand is usable, but it will significantly improve your odds.

Although the BEST method is to implement redundancy. For example, having a "midrange" deck with only 5 removal spells is entirely pointless. You'd want probably 12 removal spells, so you constantly draw back into something new, to keep the midrange game going. Hell, you may want something like 12 instant / sorcery removal spells, a few kill-ability spells such as Steel Hellkite and Meteor Golem, probably like three solid wraths to reset the boardstate, and maybe even a Planeswalker or two that can kill creatures just to have some added and repeatable utility thrown into the mix.

Redundancy. Now when you take a hand, as long as your mana curve is tight and your mana base is fluid, you'll be able to be more flexible in your plays.

We, in Commander, don't get the benefit of running playsets of the best spells in the game. We don't get 4x Counterspell and 4x Lightning Bolt and 4x Mutagenic Growth. So we have to make due with a Dreadbore and a Terminate and a Murder and a Go for the Throat and a Walk the Plank and a Fatal Push. Because now, if you draw a theoretical hand of say, 3 lands, some enchantment, an expensive creature and two of anything listed above, you're probably going to be good. Because you can get your lands out and hold your removal against someone's Commander to buy you time - as is how you'd want Midrange to play. As an example.

But, seeing as this is a General forum, the idea still remains. Redundancy. Run 2x, 3x and 4x of the very best cards. Now, your hand is far more predictable and solid, all the time.

Redundancy is how you win games.

aholder7 on Assailing Archeology

10 months ago

Methodology: You were on the play in every game. Sideboarding was not included in any game as it usually would help your opponent more than you (and i was lazy).

Murktide: 0-7 Despite Murktide having the disadvantage of multiple dead cards in their deck against you, these games weren't even remotely close. You almost never got to resolve and keep anything of note. Your method of dealing with small threats was to 2-for-1 yourself with shards. Your early game was entirely non existent meaning they usually got 4 turns to try and kill you before you even started playing.

Crashing Footfalls: 2-5 Your first win was because i forced them to keep a once land hand to see what it would take for you to win. even with them missing land drops on turn 2 and 3 and your your turn 4 mishra they actually almost beat you. the second win was because by turn 12 they had managed to not draw a single cascade card, and despite that had you on the ropes most of the game.

Rakdos AggroL 1-6 Your win was when the opponent decided to take the damage option on combustion because they were at 18. turns out flipping a combined 21 works just as well here as it does in black jack. to be fair you actually had a decent board state that game. not certain if you would have won, but it was the only game you weren't out right destroyed in.

Overall: Your inability to fight in the early game is debilitating. You don't necessarily need to drop super big threats, but at least have a plan to prevent your opponent from killing you by turn 4. those Lightning Bolts in the sideboard would be a good start. Also now that i have read jaxis, they are not a good card for you. they are a win more card of sorts. they only do something useful if you don't really need them. Bone Shards's costs are actually a bit steep. Terminate is a really solid removal spell. Fatal Push is great if you want to keep to 1 mana. Dreadbore would be good to keep the planeswalker removal option of shards but i believe you are trying to keep the deck budget. you could get proactive and use cards like Inquisition of Kozilek to remove threats before they can actually bother you. Void Maw much like jaxis is a card that only even works in theory if you are already in a position where you should win. i don't know what creatures you'd want on the lower end. maybe something like Sin Prodder would be your type of fun but probably not the best card. something that produces tokens to block with would be nice but i'm not really sure what the options are for that as thats not really what RB is about.

chilbi on Screaming Bald Guys Tribal MK2

10 months ago

Also, sorry to be a little salty here but that Dreadbore guy is tecnically not bald. You can clearly see the edges of his hardcore-undercut on the left side of his head as well as on the top.

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