Test of Talents

Test of Talents


Counter target instant or sorcery spell. Search its controller's graveyard, hand and library for any number of cards with the same name as that spell and exile them. That player shuffles, then draws a card for each card exiled from their hand this way.

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Test of Talents Discussion

Grubbernaut on Mono-Boo-hoo

1 month ago

I like Vapor Snag a lot for low-curve delver decks like this. I'd also definitely sub out Deprive for Counterspell. You'll almost never kick Into the Roil in a low-land-count deck, so it's worth the switch.

Also: regarding your description, just wanted to point out that Test of Talents cannot, in fact, counter an un-counterable spell.

I also think Pteramander is better than Serpent, especially if you swap to Consider over Opt once it's released and legal.

I also like a few cards for actual advantage, like Chart a Course or even Hieroglyphic Illumination. You could also consider Disrupting Shoal as a budget "force."

Another good consideration is Spellstutter Sprite.


Argy on The Pioneer Blues

2 months ago

TriusMalarky what I do every now and then is check to see whether there is a card I like better than one I already using, and Singing Bell Strike was the only one I thought could really work.

It was very popular at my LGS, when it was in Standard.

As with deciding whether or not to use Disallow or Negate , for example, it's very much dependent on the situation I use the cards for.

In this deck I have gone with Negate and Test of Talents in my Sideboard, because I specifically want ways to protect my field.

I will have a play around with Singing Bell Strike to see if I like it better, but Claustrophobia has suited what I want to do - disable an opponent creature, in order to get lethal damage through.

My decks are often very geared towards my local meta, which means that some cards that wouldn't work for others, work for me.

I do appreciate all the thought you are putting into this deck.

Argy on Honey Bunches of Nope (Revived)

2 months ago

I should also mention that I've been using Test of Talents lately, along with Negate and I very much like what it does.

DanMcSharp on Test of a God

4 months ago


Personally I always feel like 4 Heartless Act is a bit much because if you keep drawing them when there's something with counters on it it just feels so bad. You could swap 2 of them for 2 Eliminate so you have more options available to you.

At first I was a big fan of Behold the Multiverse but after playing it in different decks it always ended up being the card that gets cut. I feel like even Frantic Inventory ends up giving more value with less mana commitment. You could also consider Mazemind Tome since the life gain can be relevant, and it works in a similar way if you like the idea of paying 2 now and drawing later for 2.

I have to admit, I find it difficult to see how Test of Talents and Covetous Urge work well together since Test of Talents usually tries to hit big value cards, which then removes all possibilities to hit those same big value cards later with Covetous Urge , unless they have one in the graveyard already. If you like how Test of Talents gets rid of a playset of cards by itself, you might want to pair that with Ashiok's Erasure instead to push that even further.

I find Agonizing Remorse to be a strange addition too considering that the deck is meant to be a "home" for Covetous Urge since it exiles the card, meaning you are removing what's probably a good card from the game instead of putting it in the graveyard to hit it later with Covetous Urge . Exiling also doesn't work with Tergrid, God of Fright  Flip when removing cards from their hand.

Actually, I must say a discard deck seems like an odd choice for Covetous Urge anyway since ideally it should be used on cards in hand to hit your opponent even harder. Do you expect to hit big with it after removing all their juicy stuff with other discard effects?

Anyway, this is just my 2 cents, hopefully it's a little useful.


RicketyEng on Episode 3: Extracurriculars

5 months ago

In which Rowan and Will have a row outside the Bow. We get to meet Quintorius, Field Historian and a couple of Rowan's Witherbloom friends. We get the Professor's Warning that there is impending danger from the Oriq so Rowan and Will each set to preparing in their own Practical Research . Finally we get the Test of Talents where we get to see Lukka and Kasmina in action before he forces her to flee the plane. The doors are open for Extus's attack on the school.

I believe this story covered a period of somewhere between one and two months.