Twilight Panther

Twilight Panther

Creature — Cat Spirit

: Twilight Panther gains deathtouch until end of turn.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Twilight Panther Discussion

SourRnaGrapes on Athreos Aristoken

4 months ago

Grind Orzhov Basilica is a great idea since it increases the available mana and guarantees a land drop! I feel as if Command Tower might be better for a deck with 3+ colours, but it's still appreciated.

I'm definitely aware that Famished Paladin can seem initially underwhelming, but when I cast Resplendent Mentor with Marauding Blight-Priest and Famished Paladin already on the field, I can just win the game outright (through tapping Famished Paladin for life, which then untaps for infinite lifegain and ping if blightpriest is on the field). Generous Gift is also pretty interesting, although I can recur High Priest of Penance especially with the methods that you told me about. The cards that you mentioned there are very interesting, I'll keep them in mind for the future.

I absolutely agree with you about Twilight Panther , it's more of a filler card. Luckily for me, I got Commander's Sphere from Commander Legends, so I can just slot it in as I'm typing this.

I'm really happy that I got all of this advice from you, thank you!

DogKnight156 on

1 year ago

Hello. I play something similar, mardu mutate.

As a piece of advice, cut the raugrin triomes and the sea-dasher octopus. Card draw in mardu is usually restricted to looting effects, so go with cathartic reunion or thrill of possibility. In my personal experience, thrill feels better, as you can hold up mana for removal and if it's not needed, you can pitch a card to draw two.

Mire Triton isn't good for you, because you have no recursion. If you want a cheap deathtouch threat, you can play either Foulmire Knight for the possibility of card draw, or Vampire of the Dire Moon to make really dangerous snapdax piles. This won't satisfy your Kaheera restriction however.

If you want to play Kaheera, you can use Twilight Panther, although it would cost an extra black mana to make snapdax deadly.

If you want to go a tribal route, this deck would need a pretty large overhaul in general. But I like where it's going.

Brimstone on

2 years ago

I looked at the Orzhov deck and I think that Teysa Karlov is the key to making it work if you want to use sacrafice effects to make it worth it. Until she is in play, killing your own creatures for bonus effects, even when you are getting afterlife triggers, will usually leave you behind because you wont have much card draw. I would focus mostly on cheap creatures with afterlife, and avoid creatures that force you to sacrifice to get good value out of them.


I don't really like the value added by Basilica Bell-Haunt , Forbidding Spirit , or Grasping Thrull . Similarly Knight of Sorrows and Orzhov Racketeers seem a little too expensive to be worth their stats/afterlife triggers. I also think that Knight of the Last Breath is too expensive and his sacrafice ability is expensive and specific to non token creatures, but it might be worth running 1 of him as a late game way to blow up all of your afterlife creatures once you have a Teysa Karlov and Vindictive Vampire in play. The Teysa Karlov + Vindictive Vampire combo is probably your best bet to win late game by giving you enough of a lead to finish them off with your 1/1 fliers. If you have a Teysa Karlov and one (or more) Vindictive Vampire s in play, don't be afraid to use a Kaya's Wrath This will do a bunch of damage, and boardwipe the enemies armies while leaving you with all of your doubled afterlife triggers.

As for which creatures I think are pretty good, you will need to play around with deciding between all of the low cost afterlifeers Imperious Oligarch , Ministrant of Obligation , Orzhov Enforcer , and Tithe Taker all look pretty good. Syndicate Messenger is a little more expensive but is a solid flyer and Seraph of the Scales looks great, my only concern is that they would be in the same mana cost as both Teysa Karlov and Vindictive Vampire . Twilight Panther , Syndicate Guildmage , Pitiless Pontiff and Impassioned Orator all seem a little underwhelming to me.

Hero of Precinct One could be useful but only if you run mostly multicolored spells and that might not be worth it to aid this single card. Resolute Watchdog might be a good sideboard in case the enemy continues to kill off your Teysa/Vindictives. Priest of Forgotten Gods seems like she is part of a combo in an edh deck, just waiting to happen, but if you run a ton of low cost afterlife creatures, which you are, she might work great. Ideally she would kill two of your creatures right after they block or are blocked, and then draw you a new creature!


Bladebrand seems like a fun way to punsh the other player for blocking one of your small attackers, I think if used well it will add a lot of value to your little attackers, making the enemy afraid to block them. I would opt for Mortify over Final Payment or Expose to Daylight but sideboard the daylights for pesky artifacts. Undercity's Embrace lets the enemy decide what they sac, and you will basically never meet the requirement to get the extra health, so it isn't very good unless like hexproof becomes a problem? I am not sure about Grotesque Demise and Summary Judgment I feel like judgement is cheeper and will deal with most low cost creatures and may handle some bigger ones, so I would opt for that, but Grotesque will help with creatures that have afterlife, if you are running against a mirror. With our play group, you most likely wont be.


Ethereal Absolution too expensive, only sideboard in if somehow you are losing to late game 1/1 creatures or if late game your afterlife creatures are just too weak to finish the enemy, my guess is that it's not going to help much in time. Ill-Gotten Inheritance too in single player and in multiplayer makes you a huge target. If you find in multiplayer games that late game you are widdling away at people but cant ever find a way to attack, this might work. My guess is that Kaya's Wrath / Priest of Forgotten Gods + Vindictive Vampire would do better.


With your life gain, recursion, and death trigger effects, I feel like Kaya's Wrath will often leave you in better shape than it will others. I would run 4 of them however you also need to be careful. If you boardwipe with little or no cards in your hand, other decks will probably rebuild more quickly than you can. Instead, if you are planning a boardwipe, save a few good creatures in your hand, even if it means taking damage for a round or two, then boardwipe. I wish Bankrupt in Blood was instant speed, but running a few might be a good idea to help you recover your handsize after boardwipes. Mortify is better than Bring to Trial unless you are having troubles with enemy enter the grave effects, or idestructable. Could be a sideboard card. Consecrate / Consume is iffy. If you are having troubles with big mean creatures it's a nice card. You could take a hit from the creature for 1 round, then kill it and gain back that life. The ability to use it to draw a card instead id alright, but not great. Revival / Revenge seems pretty fun with this deck. You can use it to get back cheep afterlifers (especially Imperious Oligarch or Orzhov Enforcer ) or, if you draw it late game, you can use it to swing the tide of a game quite a bit.

-[Lands]- This land base looks pretty solid, I would only caution that when running 4x Orzhov Basilica and 4x Orzhov Guildgate you risk getting caught with a very slow start, which is sad when you have such low cost creatures. Ideally you would want to play a Guildgate rnd1, a basic land rnd2, tap for a 2 cost creature, then on turn three play a second 2 cost creature and then a basilica. So that on turn four you can play a four cost creature.

MurderForBrunch on Mardu Standard

2 years ago


The first suggestions I would give you is focus! A lot more focus when brewing a deck! When you build a new deck the first thing you want to do is to find the "plan" of your deck. That is, it's strategy, how it plans to win. And then stick to that with every card of your deck (or almost).

An example would be, in your list you have Twilight Panther which is a good defensive card, because of Deathtouch. However you also have Footlight Fiend which is a very Aggro card, which doesn't mind to trade in combat. Both cards are good, but they are essentially different in their plan. Equally, on the removal package, you have stuff like Sky Tether or Crush Contraband . Besides not being the best, they are really narrow. It would be best if they are in a sideboard, and you just bring them in for the matchups that would benefit from those cards.

Also, another piece of advice is the following: stick to 60 cards, or have a very good reason to have more than that. You will want to maximize the chance to get the very best cards in your deck in every draw. And so, as fewer cards your deck has, the closer to being drawn will be best cards be.

A good way to figure out how to build a good deck is to look at similar decks. Look for decks with a similar plan to what you want to build, and tune it and tweak it to your own taste.

Besides from all that, my advice is have fun brewing and playing! :D

LittleBlueHero on Ravnica Allegiance: Spoilers and Speculation

2 years ago

Sunday Pre-release went really well. I went Mardu with my Rakdos kit and let me tell you attrition is a real strategy in limited. Played against Gruul, Simic, Rakdos, and Bant(azorious kit).

My removal package... 2x Skewer the Critics , 1x Get the Point , 1x Grotesque Demise , 1x Bedeck / Bedazzle , 1x Bladebrand , 1x Sky Tether 2x Noxious Groodion , 1x Hackrobat , 1x Twilight Panther ... made life very difficult for my opponents

Hackrobat was an absolute beast getting in and hitting for 4 at least once almost every time i played it. Since I was controlling their board they were always hesitant to block because of the potential deathtouch. Same goes for Twilight Panther . It didn't deal as much damage but could usually be used to activate spectacle since people wouldn't block it.

Judith, the Scourge Diva also proved to be very problematic for opponents and a lot of fun to play with. So much so that I decided to try and build a commander deck for her.

I was very lucky being able to play 4 of my 6 rares. I don't know if I could expect this kind of consistency again but I would be willing to try if I had the chance. I will for sure be looking at all these cards carefully during draft weekend.

Also I didn't pull one, but playing against a turn 3 Theater of Horrors is just as hard as turn 3 Rhythm of the Wild