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If you like synergistic/value decks you have came to the right place!

I have made lots of tweaks to this deck and am working on a full write up soon. It is one of my favorites. I am also going to get a Arcane Lighthouse to get around hex proof. Teysa's exile control is way to strong not to have one in the deck.

I am also looking to add a Luminous Broodmoth,Smokestack, and a Fleshtaker.

Make tokens!

Extort your opponents!

Draw cards!

Control the battle field!

Combo off!

Gain life!

Sacrifice creatures for effects!

Reanimate those creatures and sacrifice them again!

Lock the game down!

Want to have loads of fun? Start Flickering Gray Merchant of Asphodel or any of the ETB creatures with Conjurer's Closet or Eldrazi Displacer! The whole table will look at you with horror as you unleash a massive draining of their life!

It's good to be the head of the church!

Use the side board in place of darkest hour for a token swarm alternative win for non combo metas.


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Necrotic Sliver back in, this card checks off way to many boxes to not be in a Teysa build. Sac to spot remove any permanent. It is white and black so its self sac will make a spirit token or you can use it as a white creature to sac to Teysa for her exilie effect and yeld a spirit.


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