Our 5 person pod each rolled a random color and had to create a pauper commander deck for it. I fortunately was given black and decided to build a deck around playing and recurring Gary.

Main idea is to get some black devotion out and just get Gary out as much as possible, but also has crypt rats and pestilence to dump some mana into for group slugging. Most creatures also have some form of group slug to grind it out as well. Several return to battlefield and undying effects to get him out for free, also some graveyard recursion to cheat commander tax.

Plenty of discard to remove the counterspells of the blue player, since that's the main counterplay to Gary. I think there's enough removal for green and red tokens, but we'll also have a few creatures of our own. All creatures do something helpful aside from giving devotion for Gary.

We'll see how it does! Haven't playtested yet.


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