Thanks for looking at my Sliver deck. Hopefully you liked it, and if so please give it a +1

Way back in high school, I played mtg during lunch with some friends. At the time I first started, I didn't have cards of my own, but a friend had a sliver deck (mostly from legions, was around the time that block came out) that he let me borrow. One time a guy brought in a sliver queen combo deck and between those 2 experiences, I knew I wanted to play it. Problem was, I was 14 with no job, and buying a $30 queen plus all the other necessary cards was a big ask. I played other various decks until I sold off most of my stuff right after Fifth Dawn, and while I played a few other ccgs since then, I didn't get back into magic until some friends explained what commander was.

Now, I am able to afford a lot more than what I would have been able to before, and the style of multiplayer decks for funzies appealed to a lot of nostalgia I had about the slivers, so I knew for sure that would be my first commander deck.

I have chosen Sliver Queen as my commander mainly because of nostalgia. Sliver Overlord is probably more consistent for tribal toolbox type decks, and Sliver Legion is more beat down focused, but I don’t have the attachment to those specific cards that I do to Queen.

Consequently, with Sliver Queen as my commander, this is a combo-focused deck with a Sliver tribal theme.

These combo's will make infinite colorless mana, and infinite 1/1 Sliver tokens. Once you go infinite, the game is pretty much over

Mana Echoes + Sliver Queen + Any Other Sliver

This is the easiest one to pull off. Have Queen out, pay , create a sliver token, get , create token, get etc. This is probably the easiest combo to pull off for getting infinite tokens.

Ashnod's Altar + Heartstone + Sliver Queen

This was the original combo I saw back in high school. Use Heartstone to make Sliver Queen ’s ability cost , create a token, sacrifice it to get from Ashnod's Altar , repeat. Extra points pulling this one off, because it was the original

Ashnod's Altar + Sliver Queen + Training Grounds

Same idea as the above combo with Heartstone just with a lower cost enchantment instead

Basal Sliver + Heartstone + Sliver Queen

Use Basal Sliver as your sacrifice outlet to make instead of Ashnod's Altar

Basal Sliver + Sliver Queen + Training Grounds

I think you get the idea

If you liked this deck, take a look at my other public deck. It's a mono-white deck that only uses old card frame cards!

Gerrard's Army - Old School Soldiers

Commander / EDH Seventy7INa45


Updates Add

Had a couple of small changes. Took out Worldly Tutor for Eladamri's Call and changed Rout to Evacuation to see how it goes. I'm also trying out Mirari's Wake again. Tried it out a LONG time ago and wasn't super happy with the mana cost, but that was back when I was trying to win the game super fast. Now, my games seem like they can go longer, so 5cmc isn't major. Also got a sweet OG foil of it.

I also discovered when re-sleeving that my Mana Crypt was essentially damaged. Someone had put small silver dots in sharpie on the back of the card. I had an artist on etsy alter it and I think it turned out AMAZING. If you like his work, check out his store:

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