The slivers you know and hate, over the past couple of years with this deck I've gradually been investing in it and tuning it into a well oiled machine. If I'm not disrupted I can almost always win by turn 7 with either combo or unblockable lethal commander damage. The deck's ability to win through voltron or combo is one of its greatest strengths and keeps even opponents who have played against it many times guessing. At it's heart this is still a toolbox deck, and I'm reasonably sure that every single sliver in here has been searched for at least once for various situations. The next step in improving it is getting duals and fetches (ideally all 10 duals and 6 fetches total). I'm not sure how long that'll take or if it will ever happen due to price, but that's the next step. Any feedback you leave is appreciated, thank you!

Good combos include:

Sliver Overlord + Unnatural Selection or Amoeboid Changeling.

Go infinite with Sliver Queen + Gemhide Sliver + Heart Sliver + Basal Sliver.

Primal Surge. That's it, one card combo as it's the only non-permanent in the deck.*I own this deck


Updates Add

Thanks everyone for the feedback, this is finally starting to be a deck I'm proud of. I now have all the shocklands in this bad boy, and every single sliver I want. I really only have a few rocks that I still want and a Taurean Mauler before the deck is exactly where I want it without dumping in several hundred more dollars for better lands.