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Fruit Loops (Nexus Breakfast Derevi Prison)

Commander / EDH* Competitive Stax


WIP Nexus Breakfast Prison with Tuncan Sam at the helm looping nexus after his Cephalid breakfast.

Please share your ideas!

Trying to play a traditional stax game with Derevi breaking parity. I kept the hard lock win cons, but added the Nexus of Fate + Cephalid Breakfast combo to speed up wins if necessary.

I experiment with the list on mostly.

Yisan is our one-card combo. Can be set up with Sakashima to prepare for the Nexus loops:

Verse 1. Quirion Ranger

Verse 2. (flex) mana: Bloom Tender, permission: Grand Abolisher (not in current iteration)

Verse 3. (flex) draw: Edric, permission: any

Verse 4. Sakashima (copy Yisan)

  • Verse 1. Nomad En-kor
  • Verse 2. Cephalid Illusionist => mill library, attack to draw Nexus and take infinite turns


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