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It's All Ogre Now (Dirty RUG Storm Primer)

Commander / EDH Combo Competitive Four Color Infinite Combo Primer Storm



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Competitive storm deck primer utilizing our new favorite swamp dweller.


This is a tournament-level combo deck. It aims to win as fast as possible using a sequence of often complex combo lines so you can cast as many spells as possible in a single turn. In a good combo environment you can expect consistent wins on turns 3-5.

The Primer


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The Strategy

General strategy

The goal of turns 1-3 is to play as many ramp spells as possible. All of the rocks, land tutors, and mana dorks should be in play as soon as possible to allow for the fastest wins. Since this deck has a the full suite of ABUR duels, shocks, and every fetch you have a lot of color options. Only get green mana as needed due to there only being 8 actual green cards including the general. You will want to fetch out as many islands as possible prioritizing actual color fixing first but if you have the option to get the Badlands or the Underground Sea then you get the Underground Sea. This is also when you will begin to deploy some of your disruption spells. If you know there will be a blue opponent with untapped mana during your combo turn feel free to Duress or Gitaxian Probe just be sure you can do what you need to. The very last thing to do the turn before you go for the win is to play your general, the only layered creature in the game, Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder. While it is not 100% necessary to use him to win it just makes your life significantly easier.
This is arguably the most important part of the game that will require the most amount of thought and foresight. This is where you will decide which combo to try to attempt or which enablers you would like to go with. Sometimes you can see the easy play of ramp into Omniscience and cast a Wheel of Fortune or Demonic Tutor. Sometimes you will see early that you will have to go the long route and start the build up of storm count for a large Mind's Desire. When trying to win you must have a plan. That is true for all magic decks no matter the format or skill level. The difference here is that most decks you will have multiple turns to implement and there is often room for at least a little error. This is an all in type deck so you have to be as sure as possible before you try to go off. All of this will have to be decided as soon as possible so that your early game tutor spells don't go to waste. To figure out what to look for continue on to the next section.
The ideal situation for a combo player is to sit around untouched for 10 turns just ramping and drawing/tutoring for every resource you need and winning as simply as possible with minimal effort. Of course we know that is very rare depending on your playgroup. Sometimes you will feel pressured to go off as early as turn 2-3. Being an all in style deck you will hardly ever get a second chance so you need to pick up on the risks and rewards when to begin your combo. Like mentioned earlier it is significantly easier to play it out after your general does damage but that can be hard to rely on sometimes. The subtle nuances of this particular style of deck can really only be learned after playtesting. But at a minimum you want to have some amount of ramp and one of the combo enablers readily available or things will likely end poorly.

This is where the magic happens. Well, I mean here and at literally every other point in the game. But you get the idea. Lets talk about the different combo enablers and how to use them effectively.

  • Doomsday: A kill with this card is often the easiest and will usually only require 2 other cards to win with. Laboratory Maniac and a card to draw at least 1 and then the rest of your deck. If you are able to do damage with your general then you can cast Doomsday to set up 5 cards in your library with Labmaniac either in the pile, in play, or easily castable elsewhere. If it is on top then you could cast Dig Through Time to trigger cascade, cast Labmaniac, then cast a wheel effect or anything to draw the rest of the 4 cards in your library. If you have not done combat damage with your general then repeat the same process but make sure you have a safe way to get Labmaniac on the table first. Worst case you can use Doomsday as a really bad tutor to get other wincons that will be mentioned later, then draw them out of the pile, then cast them to win. Not recommended though.

  • Omniscience and Dream Halls: I will start this by saying Omniscience is ALWAYS the better choice. Dream Halls has a symmetrical effect that any other player can take advantage of. So if they are tapped out they can discard Brainstorm to cast a Flusterstorm, Counterspell, or Render Silent . That would be just as bad as having a bunch of magical fairy tail creatures show up to your door in the swamp. But if you feel safe enough to go off then either one of these cards can get the job done normally. When using either of these two for the win then you are going to usually try to win via Tendrils of Agony or Aetherflux Reservoir. Just cast as many spells as possible trying to sequence them in a way that allows for the most efficient use of them. Try to find your way to the bigger draw spells such as Ad Nauseam, Scroll Rack, and depending on your boardstate you can cast my favorite of the lot Paradoxical Outcome which allows you to not only draw a lot but also recast all of the permanents you brought back to your hand for a higher storm count.

  • Mizzix of the Izmagnus: Essentially a weaker version of the 2 cards mentioned above but it can fill a similar roll making all of your spells only cost their color prerequisites. Mizzix is one of the best enablers for a neat interaction between High Tide along with Reiterate + Turnabout which if done correctly can net you infinite mana of what ever color your lands/rocks can tap for as well as infinite storm count. Being a 4 colored deck it might not seem optimal to run an island specific card like High Tide but like mentioned earlier most of your ramp should be for islands if the situation allows.

  • Mizzix's Mastery, Past in Flames, Yawgmoth's Will: Possibly some of the most busted cards to ever be printed for storm decks these cards all do essentially the same thing. Cast spells out of your graveyard. To set them up the best you will often want to use the wheel effects like Wheel of Fortune, Wheel of Fate, Windfall as well as other discard outlets like Fact or Fiction, Faithless Looting, and Frantic Search. While trying to win with these cards you will also likely be going for a tendrils/Reservoir kill so you want your storm count to be as high as possible. Keep in mind that each of them interact with your spells and the graveyard a little different so don't expect to use your yard after you go for a Yawg Will. Each of them have their pros and cons to consider. Mastery is often the best for huge spell plays after you have been casting a lot of spells that turn. Yawg Will can revive your wincons if they are destroyed and can cast more than instants/sorceries but it does not let any other spells hit the graveyard after than. Past in Flames is nice by itself because you can cast it to just give your spells flash back but you can also shuffle your graveyard back into your deck or something similar and not lose access to those cards later or your graveyard later. It also has flashback itself so you can pitch it early and use it later if needed.

  • Mind's Desire: This is arguably the most dangerous but also most fun card in the deck to cast. It is also the least guaranteed way to go about things. While there are a lot of high quality spells and tutors in the deck you have no idea which ones you will be casting with this thing. But to mitigate any risk you can often just cast it at storm 10-20 and just go nuts. It also lets you cast any of the cards you hit until the end of the turn so keep that in mind when you decide how to sequence things.

  • Slip Through Space : This is only in here because I really enjoy what Yidris does to the deck if everything lines up well. If you can stick him on the table, hit your opponent, and draw a card then you should be in a really good spot to go off. More on Yidris later though.

Yidris himself does some pretty crazy things with this deck. Having cascade on all of your spells cast from hand gets this deck from 0 to 100 real quick. From the simple plays like casting Demonic Tutor and getting a free Sol Ring for your troubles to the huge plays like being able to set up specific draws and casts from multiples spells away it can get crazy. The only reason the suspend cards Ancestral Visions and Wheel of Fate is just for the hopes that you can cast any non 0 CMC spell and just play them for free. While the addition of green to the standard Jeleva grixis storm isn't all that meaningful, the general is really want takes it over the edge. The deck does not rely on him but it makes everything a lot more interesting if you get him to hit. Sequencing every spell becomes another little thought puzzle trying to set up everything so you get the most out of your cards and it is super neat to play through.

Contingency plan




If you made it though to the end the kudos to you. Thanks for checking out the deck. Over all it is a super interesting and fun deck to pilot if you are inclined towards puzzle style combos. The general is pretty awesome and I had a blast building the list and playtesting. In regards to the post itself there are likely some grammar, spelling, and html syntax issues due to me writing all of this late at night in a rush. Please let me know if any corrections need to be made. Also, I would appreciate any helpful feedback and constructive criticism trying to make this list the best it can be.

The coding for this primer was developed by Epochalyptik here. What a swell guy.


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