As an additional cost to play Carrion, sacrifice a creature.

Put X 0/1 black Insect creature tokens into play, where X is the sacrificed creature's power.

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Set Rarity
Mirage (MIR) Rare

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Format Legality
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Noble Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Highlander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal

Carrion Discussion

Strangelove on Hogaak and friends

2 days ago

Hey ICanAlwaysBeWorse, @your post, +1 friend!

Here's my Hogaak deck. I wanted to play Hogaak as soon as possible (to swing face)! To that end... pumping Hogaak +5/+x (with cards like Become Immense) or Grafted Exoskeleton lets you two-shot people with commander damage.

I'd also recommend Greater Good, Momentous Fall and the like.

Feed the Pack, Spontaneous Generation, Carrion, Plague of Vermin, etc are great in an aristocrats build.

Discard outlets like Putrid Imp are a lot of fun, but they might lean you away from the power level you're looking for. I would at least play Zombie Infestation; its great in Hogaak.

DadHumanPraetor on Borderline Princess

3 months ago

I never built Aristocrats before and think I had tunnel vision on Ayara, First of Locthwain etb triggers. I updated the deck to the list above. I left Carrion and Bloodthirsty Aerialist because they work well together and with Ghoulcaller Gisa and if an opponent has to waste a removal spell on aerialist than thats fine with me too. I might end up adjusting for my meta but it looks a lot better now. Thanks for the input

triproberts12 on Borderline Princess

3 months ago

As for cuts, I'm lukewarm on Bloodthirsty Aerialist, Priest of the forgotten gods, but the creature count feels a little low for what you're doing, so I'm hesitant to remove creatures, especially with Syr Konrad, the Grim. Much like Aerialist, I've found Carrion to be just a little slow and inefficient for what it does. You're not a big-creature deck, so it's probably going to net you 3-4 bodies for 3 mana, but it's a bad draw after a board wipe, so Genesis Chamber, Orzhov Enforcer, Pawn of Ulamog, Sling-Gang Lieutenant, and Weaponcraft Enthusiast should all probably see play before it. I'd also cut Diabolic Tutor, since it's pretty inefficient. I'd also test to see how reliably you can get to the mana for Plague Wind and In Garruk's Wake. As for the big-mana zombie spells, zombies are a little awkward for an Aristocrats deck, since they don't Skullclamp well (btw, where's the clamp, my dude?), but if you decide to throw Gravecrawler combos into the mix, then keeping a few zombies on hand is good.

lilliaire on Hogaak: My Favorite (Infinite) Combo Deck

1 year ago

I find EDH Hogaak fascinating as a deck.

I don't see Grafted Exoskeleton on your list actually, though you mentioned it in the comments. There's also Glistening Oil if you haven't considered it.

Birthing Pod + Hogaak --> Craterhoof is a combo not on here which is pretty clean, if not infinite.

I've been playing with Carrion and testing Path of Discovery / Beastmaster Ascension . I also feel like if literally any deck can make Awaken the Erstwhile viable, it's this one.

Was surprised to see no Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord , Creakwood Liege , or Izoni, Thousand-Eyed , but I haven't played this deck much, just theorycrafted.

Cards you may not have heard of that combo with Hogaak: Ooze Garden , Monkey Cage (lol), and Reign of the Pit .

wummwend on Jimmy's Hogaak | Game Knights #27

1 year ago

wordswordswords: Carrion is an instant, not an enchantment :(

bobbyboo on Maestro Fresh Kresh, The Pragmatic Playa’

1 year ago

I can definitely say I see more playability with your deck considering a couple of creature based opponents are around. yes Greater Good is excellent, especially since you can just use it as a free sac outlet if he gets targeted. Rishkar's Expertise is bonkers with Kresh, especially if you draw into Eternal Witness

For my Kresh I do try to favor permanents outside of boardwipes and ramp so Carrion , whilst playable, isnt really the way I want to take him. I used to run Grim Haruspex and Harvester of Souls but I wasnt happy with how they went so moved them to other decks with more death triggers per turn.

I do need to run Sidisi and Plaguecrafter as they are really good, also Chandra's Ignition is going in haha.

My Kresh deck is very much my derpy deck and I decided to do a steal and fling themed deck with Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder and Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker , check it out as it's a blast to play.

Bruse and Ishai, the Dynamic Duo

goldlion on Breaking Carnival of Souls

1 year ago

I like the shadow born apostle idea. Seeing as how there’ll be an Essence Warden out for all the life triggers, a Wall of Limbs could be added as well. It’s worked great in the current Ghave version and in conjunction with Jared, it becomes far better than its current ability, but at least there's a backup ability if Jared's not on the field.

Going off the Krav and Wall of Limbs idea: I’ve got a Kresh the Bloodbraided deck where I use giant kresh to kill people with Dying Wish and Jarad effects. However, I have another where I turn him into many small creatures (for Impact Tremors effects) which I then sac back into big creatures ( Carrion Feeder or Skullmulcher for Blood Artist effects) something that could be an interesting direction with Carnival and the creature etb triggers for into Exsanguinate or swampy tricks.

Korozda Guildmage is an example, but there's a handful of others I've found, though Carrion , Ghoulcaller Gisa and Fungal Sprouting would be the added choices for a Golgari deck.

Here's the deck for ideas/conversation's sake - you all will be the first to see it. It wasn't ready to go public cause I'm editing up the flavour story still and need to balance it a bit more for consistency... It's got a side mill strategy but mainly kills through ''growth and decay'' (hence the name). I think it could inform a strong take on a Carnival version, related to the style seshiro_of_the_orochi is hinting at. I'd add carnival to it actually, if I didn't have to remove much of the synergy the deck needs for the Essence Warden and other life gain effects.

Kresh, Guru of Entropy

Commander / EDH* goldlion


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