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Kiki Ain't Superstitious

Commander / EDH



Okay, he might be a little stitious...

Maybeboard are cards I need to acquire still.



trinitok says... #1

As a blue player, I have to suggest that you, a red player, stop being so impulsive. Your plays are confusing and erratic. I can never tell what your strategy is and am constantly trying to keep my board state under control. A lot of your enchantment and burn spells are so cheap or otherwise worthless that you don't care if I counter them. God only knows what silliness you have in your hand. Obviously the only thing I have in my hand is counter, card draw, and maybe merfolk. Probably one of the things I hate most about you reds are your never ending flow of conscripted goblins. Nash-Mash has a family too, dude. Yet you just throw him, Kiki-jiki and a trillion of their 1/1 brothers and sisters at me and act as if they are incredibly expendable. You make me sick. Treat your creatures with more respect. Do you think the menfolk would follow the blue players into battle if we continuously sacrificed them or didn't offer them protection with counter magic? The goblins deserve freedom. I say to you, Mr. Red, tear down your Mountains! Your people need food, shelter, and clothing. Look how small and scrawny they are! Goblins, I say unto you, come and join the blue. We offer you a much more prominent lifestyle in the most powerful government that WotC has to offer. You will be cared for with counter magic. We offer you Omniscience so that you may be free and Enter the Infinite. We will give you the best education in the land at the Tolarian Academy. Some may say that all our government does is Invoke Prejudice, but I say to you that it is the Reds just wanting to inspire Anger. We have snuck our spy, Cheatyface, into your government's ranks and he has proof that the Red government considers the Goblins garbage.

Join us! Show to all of WotC that you are more than just 1/1 Goblin Bookies! Show them that you are Blue!

April 3, 2016 3:19 a.m.

outofnothing0 says... #2

3-4 goblins inspires this? Haha

April 3, 2016 3:53 a.m.

trinitok says... #3

Bureaucracy, buddy

April 3, 2016 3:56 a.m.

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