Stitchwing Skaab


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Uncommon

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Stitchwing Skaab

Creature — Zombie Horror


symbol1, Discard two cards: Return Stitchwing Skaab from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped.

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Stitchwing Skaab Discussion

abby315 on Esper Haven Modified

2 weeks ago

Hello! I'd also love to see a Drake Haven deck succeed, but I think building it control is barking up the wrong tree. I'd guess that a U/R or Grixis list with Faith of the Devoted could be successful, but the best place I can see Drake Haven working wonders is in a modified U/R or U/B zombies list, which reanimates Prized Amalgam with triggers from Haunted Dead or Stitchwing Skaab. It adds more flood the board power and more consistency to those decks. I'm sure you can find examples online from early AKH brewing days!

xehanortsguardian on Discard some Cycling

1 month ago

Moby_Copperfield Thanks for the suggestions, Reckless Scholar definitely deserves a spot, he's a bit more expensive to play, but after testing Seeker of Insight, it didn't really function like I wanted to, triggering only once in a while. Haunted Dead and Stitchwing Skaab are neat, what to remove though? I think Shadowstorm Vizier can be removed since the buff she gets is minimal at best, would be a shame though that card inspired me to build this deck in the first place.

Moby_Copperfield on Discard some Cycling

1 month ago

Have thought of using Reckless Scholar instead of Seeker of Insight?

I'm attempting to build a deck around discard as well.

I'm considering creatures from the previous sets such as Haunted Dead and Stitchwing Skaab that benefit from being discarded as well as provide a discard outlet.

redline on U/R Drake Emerge (AKH)

1 month ago

Thank's very much for your comments.

(#1) U/R Emerge I have been playing for 6 months and Cathartic Reunion are good in this deck. But it's not very good when countered him. We discard 2 cards and in the hand we have too few cards, so in my opinion Tormenting Voice is better in this situation, in beginning of the game, you must discard to the Advanced Stitchwing or Stitchwing Skaab on graveyard. If it's countered Tormenting Voice, we will just drop one card without losing much of the cards on the hand.

Embalmer's Tools, i think this card is a good for working with graveyard, we no have so many slots in this deck that we could replace and we have 2 good 2 drops ( Bloodrage Brawler, Stitchwing Skaab, Tormenting Voice).

(#2) Scrapheap Scrounger is the best activator for Prized Amalgam, but if we want to put it in the deck, we have to add a black color.

Cassonberry on Torrential Control

1 month ago

thijmnesoy:A spread between Void Shatter and Disallow provides not only flexibility but a wider coverage. For example Disallow is perfect vs Stitchwing Skaab, a deck with decent meta share, where Shatter does little to nothing. I may add 2 Disallow to the board to help clean it up.

Censor loses so much value past about turn 4, so having 4 in the deck and drawing multiples later is not amazing. I may just remove Essence Scatter though, but that won't be til after the meta shakes out more.

Glimmer is probably the last card I'd skimp on in the Mainboard. It does so much for the deck, and bridges the midgame.

In a control deck the biggest thing you want to do is hit your land drops. 26 land with 4 being able to cycle gives us the best chance of that, while helping with flooding. Also the 2 Fumarole are wincons themselves, and the Spirebluff are for good early mana. Both is fine.

I definitely should clean up the sideboard a little. Trying to much for an unknown meta right now I guess. Thanks! :)

XorKoS on Grixis Cycling

1 month ago

Is it consistent ? And can you play without drawing the Drake Haven ?

I have a "similar" deck, even if mine is way more aggro, and way more focused on discarding, the point is to not get more than 4 lands, and you can every rounds, discard 2 cards through Stitchwing Skaab, Haunted Dead, Cathartic Reunion, Tormenting Voice or Collective Brutality, and get 2 drakes, and if you never get you Drake Haven despite drawing tons of cards, i can still play the Prized Amalgam, Scrapheap Scrounger, Stitchwing Skaab, Haunted Dead never ending game.And i also always have a lot of cards in hand, and i feel like i do things with my mana, with a build more similar to yours, i felt like i always spend too much mana for not much result.

Grixis Discard

Standard* XorKoS


Don't know if it interest you, but it seems more consistent.At least get an +1, for the deck and showing me Faith of the Devoted which i completely never saw lol.

gabrjaws on Standard Zombie Tokens | Amonkhet

2 months ago

All of the good flying zombies are currently in blue, such as Stitchwing Skaab/Advanced Stitchwing and Geralf's Masterpiece. Although that may be true, I still believe Noose Constrictor is solidly a better card, especially considering you could pump it up at instant speed. A good token producer right now is Cryptbreaker, he should help you draw, discard, populate and he's also a fairly consistent trigger of your Wayward Servant.

Firebones675 on BU Zombie tribal

2 months ago

Looks pretty god, just a few tweaks. I see this being more of an aggressive deck that wants to go Gravecrawler into relentless dead into zombie lord. As a result some of the more mana intensive cards like rooftop storm sidisi and dark salvation get a bit worse.

Things not in the deck that I think you need/need more of:

I think this deck really wants at minimum 3 copies of Aether Vial. Card's great. Can catch people off guard when you flash in a lord at instant speed and since it doesnt count as casting, your opponents can't counter anything you put in with it (They can respond to you activating the vial but that's before they know what you are putting in or if you're just tapping the vial to bait something out)

More interaction: i'd maindeck a third Fatal Push

I don't think you'll need to be worried about flyers but here are a few flying zombies if you did want to throw 1 or 2 in: Skaab Ruinator, Stitched Drake, Stitchwing Skaab, Crow of Dark Tidings, Geralf's Masterpiece. As i said i wouldnt include more than 1 or 2 copies though

What I think you can cut

2x Rooftop Storm: I think that this is way too slow for way you want to do and with no mana ramp it could be stranded in your hand for awhile.

1x sidisi: you want to be fast and 5 mana is a bit slower than i would want

1x island your deck wants to keep a lowish curve and going down to 21 lands is fine if your curve ends at 4 or so

1x Dark Salvation: I havent played with this card at all admittedly but it seems pretty inefiecint. Unless you have a lot of zobies already or its super late game fatal push seems better

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