Minister of Inquiries


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Minister of Inquiries

Creature — Vedalken Advisor

When Minister of Inquiries enters the battlefield, you get EE (two energy counters).

T, Pay E: Target player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Minister of Inquiries Discussion

KuraiU on Bant Turbo Fog Mill

4 days ago

Do you want a Compelling Argument or would you rather get a Minister of Inquiries. There's also the Seer of the Last Tomorrow and the Manic Scribe is always ready to write stuff off. Do you have any Fleeting Memories? Perhaps a Trail of Evidence was left behind for you to find them. (Sorry, not sorry. Payback for the impressions)

You should already know what fogs you need, and additional card draw like Fevered Visions could also be good.

Murphy77 on General Mills

5 days ago

The worry that I have about Minister of Inquiries is that once you run out of energy counters, it really does nothing in the deck. I like Mirrorpool in this deck to copy a Startled Awake and something to return Compelling Argument and Startled Awake from the graveyard to your hand will always help.

I like your addition of Vessel of Paramnesia, but would go for a few more control cards in the main-board. My version of this deck is M-B-M

MrBoombastic on Mill is back

1 week ago

Fair enough, but then I'd just swap the Hubs for islands, as that will definitely make sure you don't have any bad draws, mana wise.

Well, the reason I believe there are better options than the creatures:

  • Minister of Inquiries - Probably the best of the bunch, but that isn't saying much. He's a small creature and not really impactful in any way except for a little milling. Sure he can chump, but once your opponent finds out what you're trying to do, they'll be happy to throw their otherwise dead removal at it. The milling isn't much by itself, so I'd rather be able to dig for my Startled Awake, and I'd imagine that you're going to be running out of energy prematurely quite a lot.

  • Manic Scribe - Once again, the stats are very insignificant. This one also mills a little, but your deck has very few ways to effectively get delirium early on, so you will rarely get more than a chumper that mills for 3. Looking at the current standard, it's outclassed by just about any other 2-drop.

  • Mausoleum Wanderer - This one has no synergy with the deck at all. Best-case scenario it beats down in 20 turns or chumps. It's very easy to play around, especially because your opponent will quickly realize that you aren't playing Spirits. They'll see it as a Censor with a 1/1 body, that you have revealed to them. You really don't want your opponents to know you have counters.

  • Baral, Chief of Compliance - Sure he makes you able to play Startled turn 3, but that's with the best of draws. Rarely you'll be able to loot with Negate, but other than that he doesn't do much.

  • Paramnesia - This one is very overcosted for what it does. I guess it's in there mostly for the delirium trigger, but that's a lot of cards and do-nothing turns for a very small pay-off. Even Ipnu Rivulet does that better and quite a lot cheaper.

Mill decks are probably going to be somewhat janky no matter what format you play them in. If you dislike the more controlling role, I understand why you want creatures in there. I'm mostly into playing the board myself. Hopefully I don't come off as being bashy, I might be all wrong, It's just my 2 cents on how to (possibly) make the deck a little more competitive. At least adding Glimmer of Genius instead of 4 of your creatures will make sure you have more energy for the Ministers and help dig for your win-cons.

Good luck brewing.

------ on Mill is back

1 week ago


I see you are quite new, so I'll try to explain it to you;

aether hub makes mana of any color as long as you have energy, Minister of Inquiries gives some.

the main reason for this tho is that it gives its own 1 energy to the minister, so see it as a colorless ultility land that gives 1 energy counter and can sometimes produce colored mana when you need it.

Aether Hub is commonly played in any deck, hence I suggest you look at some pro tour/GP decklists for more information.

ive-been-degaussed on Ah! Daymare

1 week ago

Saw the update, looking better. I'd go -3 Curators and -1 Essence Scatter for +4 Minister of Inquiries. You want to start milling as early as possible.

joshua611 on Energy Decimator

1 week ago

Update, replaced a single Greenbelt Rampager and Minister of Inquiries with two copies of Nissa, Steward of Elements.

BenTheGuyThe on turbomill

1 week ago

4 Minister of Inquiries. If you run attune you need lots more forests. Desert of the Mindful is not worth playing a turn behind for being a sac outlet to Ipnu Rivulet. Either run more counters or run more fogs, not both. You could do fogs in the main and bring counters out from the sideboard against control. Crush of Tentacles is probably better than Aethersquall Ancient. Pieces of the Puzzle probably is better than Glimmer of Genius.

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