Minister of Inquiries


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Minister of Inquiries

Creature — Vedalken Advisor

When Minister of Inquiries enters the battlefield, you get EE (two energy counters).

T, Pay E: Target player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Minister of Inquiries Discussion

ROUROU on standard mill

46 minutes ago

ace2412 Hello my friend. I am sorry to inform you, but shadows over innistrad rotates out in a week:(

Choked Estuary, Startled Awake and Thing in the Ice  Flip will soon rotate.

Don't worry though. You can put in Fleet Swallower (instant win with Fraying Sanity). You can also play Glimmer of Genius for the card advantage and then play a couple of Minister of Inquiries, along with Aether Hub and Drowned Catacomb

ThoughtShift on Fraying Sanity Mill

4 weeks ago

@ steve991

Hello, thanks for your input! I too have been having much success with Engulf the Shore in my mono blue control deck Mono-Blue Control. So much that I considered giving a go at yet another mono blue deck! I was keeping Engulf the Shore in mind while building this but I discovered that it's effectiveness is just a bit less impressive in this kind of deck. Mainly because there are only 10 island cards in the deck as opposed to 25 or so that were in the other deck. That means that most of the time, your Engulfs won't be bouncing enough things that you want to deal with when you want them dealt with.

This deck is utilizing the desert mechanics with cards like Ipnu Rivulet for additional milling and Scavenger Grounds to deal with things like Commit to stop them from getting their library back as well as stopping all the considerable amount of powerful graveyard cards in Standard. Mirrorpool is great for copying a Startled Awake late game and hitting for a massive 26 cards (52 with Fraying Sanity!). Aether Hub goes well with Glimmer of Genius to power our Minister of Inquiries. I could possibly at one point try sideboarding a few of them if there are decks with tons of 1 and 2 toughness creatures. Which brings me to my next point of creatures. We really don't want to be bouncing our Manic Scribes and Minister of Inquiries as they'll be blocking decently and doing tons of mill work.

As to why we're running Walking Ballista, there's actually quite a few reasons why. The most important reason is value, value, value. This guy does such a great job at filling a curve because he can be played as a 2-drop, 4-drop, 6-drop, etc and is always going to land with some impact. The flexibility doesn't stop there, he's colorless so mana and land types don't matter while casting him. He's also a great mana-sink card, a card that allows us to pour mana into something every turn to ensure no wasted value, and is good at any point in the game whether it be early on to block and ping something to protect our life total, mid game to act as a removal spell or get him out with a few counters when we don't have anything else going on also giving our opponent a threat to worry about that they pretty much need to deal with, or late game where he comes in with 3+ counters and is a big threat to our opponent. Also, another important reason is that having him in our graveyard helps fuel delirium for Manic Scribe as acting as artifact and creature (card types we otherwise don't have a ton of). With all these things working for it I thought it would be an essential inclusion as the last 2 slots in this 60.

I agree about Jace, Unraveler of Secrets which is why he's a one of in the sideboard! I think he's great in the mirror and against any kind of grindy control deck where he gives us value over the scale of a late game. He's not so great against faster more aggro decks and the 5cmc cost is a bit much against a lot of the current standard meta just to be able to bounce something or scry draw when he hits the field. Otherwise, he's a great planeswalker but I just think 1-of in the sideboard is the correct number for him unless you have a control heavy meta.

Thanks so much for your input! :)


ReinGX on Bant God Pharaoh

1 month ago


It seems that after a while of testing you were correct after all that Angel of Invention is an auto include in a God-Pharaoh's Gift deck. Testing and more tournament play has also pointed out that Minister of Inquiries is not the all-star that I thought it was and was eventually cut for your suggestion of Strategic Planning.

ianknox on Thoroughly Standard Mill Deck

1 month ago

Wow, some very high quality discourse here! Thanks so much for the feedback n0bunga and Zienem! I'm seriously thinking of taking this deck (or a variant thereof) to the GP in Denver in a few weeks so I really appreciate the input.

A few thoughts (in no particular order):

  • This deck is likely due for a bit of a re-vamp post pro-tour this weekend. Right now a lot of the choices are based on my understanding of the meta from rumblings heard in /r/spikes and my own guesses both of which aren't always so accurate. :)

  • Both Imprisoned in the Moon and Commit / Memory were put in for combating planeswalkers (something Unquenchable Thirst and Spontaneous Mutation can't do). I put them in when a superfriends type deck was looking strong. If the pro-tour shows otherwise I'll drop them in a heartbeat since they're much more expensive than I would like.

  • I'm not super concerned about energy or delirium because I expect to do a lot of board bouncing. The goal here isn't so much to keep using Manic Scribes and Minister of Inquiries's abilities, rather to bounce and re-cast them with Baral's Expertise or Engulf the Shore and use them to chump if it becomes necessary. Based on that concept, I should probably get rid of The Aether Hubs. They're really just there because they enable a second version of a T4 mill out, which is a silly reason to keep them.

  • Ipnu Rivulet is such a tough call to me. Pros: Mana early when you need it and mill later when you don't. Cons: Dilutes Engulf the Shore, the late game mill is too late (meaning that I rarely feel like I have enough mana to be ok with dumping a land). I'll do some play testing, but I suspect that I'll end up with a few in the sideboard for more grindy matchups but not 4 of.

  • Both Glimmer of Genius and Winds of Rebuke are on my "should try" list. Winds in particular seems like a good idea for certain matchups (and can target PWers) but the few times I tried it in past builds I always end up milling my own best cards. I know that statistically my opponent might also mill their own best cards as well, but with all the GY synergy these days (Zombies, God-Pharaoh's Gift, etc) it probably hurts me more than them.

  • It would have helped if I had penned a better description of what I'm up to here (mea culpa on that one). The goal is to mill out my opponent as fast as is possible. An aggro-mill if you will.

Anywho, thanks for the comments and upvotes! Check back after this weekend for an updated look post pro-tour!

KuraiU on Bant Turbo Fog Mill

2 months ago

Do you want a Compelling Argument or would you rather get a Minister of Inquiries. There's also the Seer of the Last Tomorrow and the Manic Scribe is always ready to write stuff off. Do you have any Fleeting Memories? Perhaps a Trail of Evidence was left behind for you to find them. (Sorry, not sorry. Payback for the impressions)

You should already know what fogs you need, and additional card draw like Fevered Visions could also be good.

Murphy77 on General Mills

2 months ago

The worry that I have about Minister of Inquiries is that once you run out of energy counters, it really does nothing in the deck. I like Mirrorpool in this deck to copy a Startled Awake and something to return Compelling Argument and Startled Awake from the graveyard to your hand will always help.

I like your addition of Vessel of Paramnesia, but would go for a few more control cards in the main-board. My version of this deck is M-B-M

MrBoombastic on Mill is back

2 months ago

Fair enough, but then I'd just swap the Hubs for islands, as that will definitely make sure you don't have any bad draws, mana wise.

Well, the reason I believe there are better options than the creatures:

  • Minister of Inquiries - Probably the best of the bunch, but that isn't saying much. He's a small creature and not really impactful in any way except for a little milling. Sure he can chump, but once your opponent finds out what you're trying to do, they'll be happy to throw their otherwise dead removal at it. The milling isn't much by itself, so I'd rather be able to dig for my Startled Awake, and I'd imagine that you're going to be running out of energy prematurely quite a lot.

  • Manic Scribe - Once again, the stats are very insignificant. This one also mills a little, but your deck has very few ways to effectively get delirium early on, so you will rarely get more than a chumper that mills for 3. Looking at the current standard, it's outclassed by just about any other 2-drop.

  • Mausoleum Wanderer - This one has no synergy with the deck at all. Best-case scenario it beats down in 20 turns or chumps. It's very easy to play around, especially because your opponent will quickly realize that you aren't playing Spirits. They'll see it as a Censor with a 1/1 body, that you have revealed to them. You really don't want your opponents to know you have counters.

  • Baral, Chief of Compliance - Sure he makes you able to play Startled turn 3, but that's with the best of draws. Rarely you'll be able to loot with Negate, but other than that he doesn't do much.

  • Paramnesia - This one is very overcosted for what it does. I guess it's in there mostly for the delirium trigger, but that's a lot of cards and do-nothing turns for a very small pay-off. Even Ipnu Rivulet does that better and quite a lot cheaper.

Mill decks are probably going to be somewhat janky no matter what format you play them in. If you dislike the more controlling role, I understand why you want creatures in there. I'm mostly into playing the board myself. Hopefully I don't come off as being bashy, I might be all wrong, It's just my 2 cents on how to (possibly) make the deck a little more competitive. At least adding Glimmer of Genius instead of 4 of your creatures will make sure you have more energy for the Ministers and help dig for your win-cons.

Good luck brewing.

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