Embalmer's Tools


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Embalmer's Tools


Activated abilities of creature cards in your graveyard cost less to activate.

Tap an untapped Zombie you control: Target player puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Embalmer's Tools Discussion

MagicBlues on Sidisi, Brood Tyrant

2 days ago

I like your take on Sidisi. It seems to include enough Zombie matters cards for your tokens to be relevant while also having a good amount of enablers. The following cards are enablers I think might be quite good:

Embalmer's Tools: works similarly to Altar of Dementia in allowing you to turn your Zombies sideways for more or let you combo off with Undead Alchemist

Necromancer's Stockpile: Cycle trough your deck while creating an army (works wonders if you add some cards with Dredge)

I guess I would cut Dowsing Shaman since you run only four enchantments

Casper00901 on Ravos & Silas Renn - Esper Zombies!

3 days ago

Embalmer's Tools tap zombies for a mill engine great with Undead Alchemist.

Illusificate on They Say Kings Never Die

1 week ago

Neotrup Thank you for the suggestions. Though this deck isn't really a competitive deck. Unscythe, Killer of Kings goes VERY well with the theme of this deck, and it is an amazing thing to attach to stuff like It That Betrays and Spike Jester (it gets rid of stuff forever). On turn 3, you can get a 6/4 with first strike, or you can have an 11/11 that gets rid of 3 things every turn, and you get two of those things for yourself. I will certainly try to find something to cut for Embalmer's Tools though. Dark Ritual helps more than Animate Dead in this deck though because I can use it for more things than I can use Animate Dead for. anyways, the main combo in this deck is Sedris, the Traitor King and two It That Betrays and 2 Pathrazer of Ulamog. Basically, 6 mana: Gain control of 5 target permanents opponents control and do that twice. It'll be even cheaper with Embalmer's Tools. I'm thinking about making it so I have 3 Pathrazers and 3 It That Betrays.

Neotrup on They Say Kings Never Die

1 week ago

Animate Dead could allow you to get Sedris, the Traitor King out early, if it hits the graveyard. Brago, King Eternal can blink unearthed creatures to keep them around. Embalmer's Tools allows you to spend less mana unearthing creatures. I'm not sure what Unscythe, Killer of Kings does for the deck, and would be pretty early on my list of things to cut.

Firebones675 on UW Sanction

1 week ago

I'm gonna start by mentioning only cards from amonket, there are a few others like Glimmer of Genius i think that would be nice but i'll put that aside for now

The biggest problem i see at the moment is the mana curve. If you want a deck to be aggressive, you want to applying pressure as soon as possible. Having no 1 drops makes that a bit awkward. Even if there was a good 1 mana card with embalm (wouldnt surprise me if a 1mana embalm creature shows up in the next set) i still am slightly worreid how well the intersection of an aggro deck and an embalm deck would be.

Looking at the embalm ability I see it working better in a more defensive deck. The idea of embalm is that after creatures die, later on in the game when you get more mana you can get an advantage. Control decks not aggro ones are where this would occur. In an aggro deck the game will likely be decided by the time you get the 7 mana needed for Glyph Keeper.

This all being said, despite your description the deck seems to be already leaning more towards control than aggro. I would personally continue down that path. Here are a few general ideas though to go down a more controlling path. If you want to transition to aggro instead, let me know and i can try to help with that too.

1) Monuments: While the monuments are nice, they don't trigger when you activate embalm. They're not bad since about a third of your deck is creatures, it's just something to be mindful of

2) Zombie tribal?: When you embalm a creature it comes back as a zombie. Makes me wonder if it's worth playtesting around with a few zombie tribal cards like Binding Mummy which would trigger when you embalm. Not sure how good it would actually be, I havent played with the card myself but might be good enough. Embalmer's Tools probably deserves a mention under this category too.

3) Interaction: You don't have too many ways to interact with threats out of the opponent. You could use counterspells like Censor or Essence Scatter but i think the deck would benefit most from the inclusion of Cast Out

3) Wraths: If you do have a controlling deck it would be nice to have some ways to clear the board. Dusk is probably your best bet for that within the block. I could see dawn being situationally useful since a lot of the creatures have low power but it's primarily the front half i'm focusing on since embalming removes them from the yard

4) Draw power: Hieroglyphic Illumination is a little worse than glimmer in my opinion but it is playable in amonkhet block constructed. The one thing it does have over glimmer is that it is something to do turn 1.

5) Cutting a few of the weaker creatures Unwavering Initiate and Gust Walker are aggressive but are't as good in a control shell. If you wanted to take a more controlling deck i'd cut them.

I think an embalm/token deck is also viable. If you did i would focus less on embalm in particular and more on tokens in general. You could use Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun combined with cards that make tokens beside embalm. I could see a blue/white/green midrange token deck being decent in the format Trial of Strength or Mouth could work. Vizier of Many Faces is one of the better embalm cards here. Anointed Procession can also provide support. You would need a lot of ramp to pull it off but Sandwurm Convergence is a card.

LithiumHD on An Answer to the Prayers

2 weeks ago

@UnlikelyParadox Embalmer's Tools is a card that is more suited to a control or tempo deck, not a deck meant to be played as aggressively as this one. having the tools out just to reduce the mana cost of one card isn't what the deck is looking to do right now, but thank you for the suggestion regardless!

nreinke on ZAMBIES FAM

2 weeks ago

So this is obviously a zombie tribal deck but many aspects confuse me. What purpose does the 2 of Embalmer's Tools have in the deck? You don't have Throne of the God-Pharaoh in the deck so tapping isn't super useful and you only have 5 total creatures that can be cast from the graveyard so the discount is hardly worth it.I also don't understand the Painted Bluffs in the mana base. You only have 2 colors and aren't even filling out the play sets of your dual lands so what is the point of them?Anointed Procession is a do nothing the turn it comes out 4 mana enchantment. Hardly worth including at all let alone a 3. If you do want to go deep on this you want a 4 of Diregraf Colossus and a few Dark Salvation, other options include From Under the Floorboards and/or Gisa's Bidding and maybe some more embalm.Cryptbreaker is arguably the best zombie in standard and you do not have any in your list as well.Grasp of Darkness, Fatal Push and Anguished Unmaking are fantastic removal spells and should at least appear in your sideboard.

If you want to see my similar build of this deck it is Amonkhet Zombie Tribal

redline on U/R Drake Emerge (AKH)

2 weeks ago

Thank's very much for your comments.

(#1) U/R Emerge I have been playing for 6 months and Cathartic Reunion are good in this deck. But it's not very good when countered him. We discard 2 cards and in the hand we have too few cards, so in my opinion Tormenting Voice is better in this situation, in beginning of the game, you must discard to the Advanced Stitchwing or Stitchwing Skaab on graveyard. If it's countered Tormenting Voice, we will just drop one card without losing much of the cards on the hand.

Embalmer's Tools, i think this card is a good for working with graveyard, we no have so many slots in this deck that we could replace and we have 2 good 2 drops ( Bloodrage Brawler, Stitchwing Skaab, Tormenting Voice).

(#2) Scrapheap Scrounger is the best activator for Prized Amalgam, but if we want to put it in the deck, we have to add a black color.

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