Clear Shot


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Uncommon

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Clear Shot


Target creature you control gets +1/+1 until end of turn. It deals damage equal to its power to target creature you don't control.

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Clear Shot Discussion

michael921 on Cat deck

2 days ago

Alright. The largest issue I see with this deck at the moment, is the sheer number of three drops and lack of answers. I personally would cut Mirri, Cat Warrior, one Brimaz, King of Oreskos, and the Jedit Ojanen of Efrava, as well as the Intangible Virtue. Both Mirri and Brimaz are your only sources of multi green casting costs, and so cutting these cards will allow you to play more powerful cards at the same spots, and be more likely to actually cast them. Additionally, you don't have many copies of these cards anyways, and thus won't be able to reliably draw it. The reason for going down to three Brimaz is that he's legendary, and you don't want multiple copies in hand. The reason for cutting the virtue is that you are making roughly equal numbers of tokens and actual creatures, so the virtue would only hit half of your board.

Additionally, you don't have many payoffs for going tribal cats. Here are some options for you, with some being cheaper than others.

And here's some recommendations for removal

And then finally, the deck as it currently stands is a bit lacking in card advantage, so with additional tribal payoffs, the best one I can think of is Mouth / Feed, as it'll allow you to at LEAST draw one card, but usually many more.

Hopefully some of that helps!

michael921 on U/G Snakes on a Desert

1 week ago

As a casual deck, this looks like fun. However, if you want to take it to FNM, there are some upgrades that you can make.

First of all, consistancy. I understand that 2-ofs and 3-ofs are fun as your deck is slightly different each time, but you want to maximize your odds of drawing the best cards in your deck, and thus 3 ofs and 4 ofs are better. So, just find whatever your best snakes are, and bump up those numbers. My personal recommendation would be Winding Constrictor, Honored Hydra, Champion of Wits as the strongest cards in the deck. Wait. Why aren't you running Winding Constrictor? Another potential snek is Narnam Cobra. Also to upgrade your mana base, I would add Botanical Sanctum and Lumbering Falls.

Second, you have this ramp theme in your deck with Bounty of the Luxa, Weaver of Currents, and Oasis Ritualist, but no payoff for the deck besides hard casting Honored Hydra, which usually isn't where you want to be anyways. Instead, you could lower the creature curve and make the deck more aggressive and consistant. Also, I would cut Slither Blade, Sixth Sense, and Trial of Knowledge in liew of either card draw like Pull from Tomorrow, protection in Blossoming Defense or Hapatra's Mark, or removal like Clear Shot, Ambuscade, or various counterspells. Sixth sense just does NOT do enough, as a single removal spell puts the opponent ahead on card advantage, rather than you. Slither blade also doesn't do enough, as poking in for only one point of damage a turn will kill the opponent in 20 turns, where the game would have been over with or without him by then. Finally, the Trial just doesn't do enough compared to other draw spells in standard, and is too inconsistant as just a one-of.

Additionally, I would add more lands. For more on this, check out this article, as well as this article. But essentially, as you're wanting to cast four drops reliably, you want more like 23 - 25 lands rather than 20.

Mercurial_Owl on Creatures of the Night - $60 U/G Flash - Standard

3 weeks ago

Great suggestions, thnx! I haven't actually considered either Regorek. Both are interesting though. The only removal I have currently is Moonlight Hunt sideboard, but tbh its consistency has been a problem for me. When it works it's great, regularly dealing 4-7 damage, but there are times when it's just a dead card.

Nature's Way seems like a consistent way to deal 2-3 damage, but I'll have to play test it. Tapping out isn't really something the deck wants to do, unless it has absolutely has to and the rate it offers might not be worth it. Searching for similar spells I found Clear Shot though which might be something I'll have to seriously look at.

Imprisoned in the Moon looks like a great option for Hexproof and Indestructible creatures. I think I should definitely put a couple of copies in the sideboard. Any thoughts on what I could remove to make room for them?

BioProfDude on Deathtouch with avg. CMC of 1.90

4 weeks ago

I have a similar idea deck that may give you some ideas. I had quite a bit of success with it. B/G Fun with deathtouch (3-1 at FNM) Some of the cards will rotate out in September, but most of the core remains. I like Clear Shot and Nature's Way more because then my creatures don't have to die. Yeah, they cost more to cast but I get to keep my creatures while killing those of my opponent. Also, trample and deathtouch together are amazing, so I do recommend Larger Than Life.

Bone Picker is not quite as consistent as you would think, particularly if your removal doesn't show up. Might want to consider 2x and moving 2x to the sideboard. Narnam Renegade is a solid creature that will rotate out at the same time as Amonkhet, and it is a solid 1 drop with deathtouch. Don't worry about trying to trigger revolt-- just be happy if you get it and be satisfied with a 1/2 deathtoucher for only .

Cool deck-- +1 from me!

Nimius on Crazy Cat Menagerie, HOU update (Standard, Budget)

1 month ago

Clear Shot is another great kill card when dealing with things like Mardu vehicles and such. The instant speed lets you swoop in before blockers are declared and such.

HotDog800 on Scratch & Plague

1 month ago

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I really appreciate it!


Yeah, unfortunately Viridian Longbow isn't legal, because that would have been a nice addition. And your suggestion for Nature's Way doesn't help, because there were already 4 in the deck XD But thanks for taking the time to make the suggestions and check out the deck anyway!

@ NinSonNar

Great suggestions. I don't think Clear Shot is a good option. I could just add more Cartouche of Strength and have persistent +1/+1. It is instant, but I don't think that is enough to entice me. I don't need a lot of surprise tactics in this deck - It's a big, fat, obvious, in-your-face bully =p

However, Rabid Bite is an excellent option, which I can't believe I didn't think of. And Prey Upon could be handy too. May throw 1 or 2 in, but if not, 4 for the sideboard in case I need to speed up the deck.


NinSonNar on Scratch & Plague

1 month ago

Prey Upon, Rabid Bite, and Clear Shot might be useful for you to look at for spreading deathtouch.

Argy on Steaming Tar Pit

1 month ago

Sweltering Suns has no interaction with Nest of Scarabs, unless I'm missing something. It doesn't put -1/-1 counters on any Creatures.

I would remove Cartouche of Ambition and Nest of Scarabs for Fatal Push/Magma Spray (meta call), and Grasp of Darkness. Two of the best removal spells around.

Supernatural Stamina is AWESOME. it's like having a Black Counter spell.

I like Nature's Way better than Clear Shot. Mostly because it's cheaper, but also because of the Trample.

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