Cast Through Time


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi Mythic Rare

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Cast Through Time


Instant and sorcery spells you control have rebound. (Exile the spell as it resolves if you cast it from your hand. At the beginning of your next upkeep, you may cast that card from exile without paying its mana cost.)

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Cast Through Time Discussion

-Orvos- on Rebound

1 month ago

If I have Cast Through Time out and I cast Volcanic Vision will volcanic vision have rebound even though it exiled itself as it resolves or does the fact that it exiled itself prevent it from gaining rebound?

NorainJS on What happens to a Reset ...

1 month ago

I understand that if a card resolves while it has rebound (I'm thinking of using Cast Through Time for that) it is exiled and if it is unable to be cast on your next upkeep it is simply left in exile. From what I've read of the rulings on Rebound, it says it requires valid targets to be cast from rebound but I haven't been able to come across anything about spells such as Reset... I would assume it would simply stay in exile because it cannot be cast during my upkeep, but I thought I'd double check just to be sure. TL;DR What happens to my Reset if Cast Through Time is in play?

Snickles@EDH_only on Izzet Even Funny Any More?

2 months ago

I'd swap out Blaze for Fanning the Flames. It lets you recur the burn, and build it bigger & brighter. Spell Burst, Reiterate, Forbid, and Capsize are all solid choices for recurring spells, as are Arc Blade and Reality Strobe, getting more bang for your buck, as it were. not sure if I'd run all (or even that many of) them, but figured I'd point them out.

you seem to be excessively interested in the opponent's hands, with all the Peek cards you have. I'd probably swap them for better drawing options - Sleight of Hand, Telling Time, Opt, Peer Through Depths, Serum Visions and Think Twice all seem like better fitting options here.

For enchantments, wondering why not run Jace's Sanctum or Cast Through Time. hell, Arcane Melee works for opponents also, but you will probably be getting better mileage out of it.

for creatures, I figured I should mention Thing in the Ice  Flip, Guttersnipe, Mischievous Quanar, Curious Homunculus, Gelectrode, Augur of Bolas, Djinn Illuminatus, and Galvanoth.

lastly, Recoup for an earlier version of Past in Flames that's single target, Mizzix's Mastery because holy overload batman, and Increasing Vengeance because if its worth casting, its worth casting more than once.

sorry to dump a wall of links on you, been looking at making a similar deck for a while, so had most of these on my mind. best of luck!

TheMoose on EDH- Take An Extra Turn Deck ft. Keranos

2 months ago

I like most of this. Since it looks like some things will be proxied anyway, have you thought about Time Vault? Also, it doesn't look like you have enough options in your deck to make Sage of Hours usable.Also I think Cast Through Time and Twincast can double some of those turns.

KongMing on The Charming Chromatic Guild

2 months ago

The reduction wouldn't apply to all of your Charms since so few of them have colorless mana as a cost, but Jace's Sanctum would provide you with really regular Scry. The pre-resolve Scry is especially helpful since so many of the Commands and Confluences allow you to draw cards.

Cascading Cataracts can be really helpful in a five-color deck like this. Indestructible Lands also provide some reliability in EDH, where there is still lots of land hate.

Rings of Brighthearth can copy activated abilities of your creatures, and provides a sort-of fixing for you as it allows you to spend colorless mana to activate a creature's colored activated ability a second time.

Also, if I don't recommend Snapcaster Mage, someone else will. So let's get that out of the way now.

Bosium Strip also provides some fun copying of instants/sorceries, and you can activate the ability before even casting the spell you intend to recast.

Villainous Wealth. Enough said.

Bring to Light would be an amazing tutor for this deck. You can search for all but 1 of your creatures, instants, and sorceries and play them for free if you spent 5 colors on Bring to Light. Or just use 3 colors and cast any of your Charms or Guildmages for free.

Cast Through Time meshes really well with modal spells, because it gives you a lot of flexibility when the card gets recast on your next turn. High CMC though, and 3U might be demanding for this deck. Cloven Casting is in the same category, more or less.

Chandra, the Firebrand helps some, but you can only copy the spells you cast on your turn. Not as much utility and you'd probably like in this deck.

I like this deck a lot. I could probably keep finding suggestions all day, so I'm going to stop before I go overboard and change the form of the deck too much. +1 from me, I also love Cromat as a Commander.

epajula on Budget Fists of Fury *ADVICE NEEDED*

3 months ago

Epic Experiment can be fun. In tron decks that can run it I always like Sovereigns of Lost Alara + Eldrazi Conscription. Sun Titan may be underwhelming in this deck, but it can bring back Evolving Wilds, or Terramorphic Expanse. I made a Tiny Leaders with Shu Yun, and focused mostly on evasion. Rebound is pretty bonkers maybe Cast Through Time is worth considering if you find games are lasting longer. You can check out my TL Shu Yun deck at Shu Yun. Maybe you'll see something else you like.

keksoe666 on Jace Control

4 months ago

Darth_Savage about the Archive Trap: yeah, I would actually do that, it's just that I could only get my hands on a single copy, which is why I tried to substitute them with the two Startled Awake  Flip I had :D

And you're right about the Cast Through Time I guess I'll have to think about a way to replace it with something more useful

Abres_Tenelles on There is no light, only the Maelstrom!!!

4 months ago

Always fun to see a spell-slinger style deck!

Are any of these suggestions of value to you:

Arcane Melee, Jace's Sanctum, Cast Through Time & Melek, Izzet Paragon?

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