Glimmer of Genius


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon

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Glimmer of Genius


Scry 2, then draw two cards. You get EE.

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Glimmer of Genius Discussion

ouPotato on U/B Scarab control

25 minutes ago

I love control and this deck looks like just good control fun. I would suggest -1 Demon of Dark Schemes and +1 Torrential Gearhulk. Gearhulk is just too good not to play, being able to essentially flashback cards like Glimmer of Genius for amazing value. Also with Ixalan coming out soon I would definitely think about adding cards like Duress and Opt to help gain card advantage early and disrupt your opponents hand. Either way your deck looks like a really fun control deck.

Rhapthorne on We ARR the pirates

3 hours ago

I would definitely look into adding Vanquisher's Banner instead of Glimmer of Genius. Just when you start to stall if you can get this out you have draw and a lord effect for all your pirates.

ClockGear on UW Flyers (Ixalan Standard)

5 hours ago

@ianthemin3r Thanks for the suggestions, I think you're right on playing more 1 mana flyers and removing some higher cost flyers. I think Glimmer of Genius is too slow for this deck though. Also I'm going to change some things on the removal I play, but maybe not entirely what you said (it will be based on it though).

ianthemin3r on UW Flyers (Ixalan Standard)

7 hours ago

i would cut Curator of Mysteries and 1 Nimble Obstructionist in favor of Duskborne Skymarcher also i would cut the Slash of Talons and Farm / Market in favor of 1 more Aerial Responder 3 Cast Out and 2 Glimmer of Genius. -1 Cast Out in sideboard in favor of 1 more Skywhaler's Shot

zandl on Esper Over--OH WAIT

3 days ago

Sweltering Suns is better than Yahenni's Expertise here. How often will you really net sweet value out of that free spell, especially if you wipe the board? You really only have Opt and Supreme Will for that, and I don't know if dumping Supreme Will on turn-4 is really the best thing if you're already limiting yourself with the number of counters you're playing. Sweltering Suns to the main and cutting Expertise makes a lot more sense, as Suns costs 1 less and can be cycled in otherwise-dead matches.

Glimmer of Genius is really the best card in the deck, so you should prioritize making that a playset. I'd play 4 Glimmer before 4 Opt, tbh.

For your sideboard, cut Spell Pierce and Jace's Defeat for Negate. Pierce is dead after turn-4 in control match-ups, and not being able to hit Planeswalkers is a big deal. Pierce is much better in tempo/aggro decks for use against control. For you, I'd even say Negate is strictly better, especially given how many times you're going to play control mirrors and both players have 11 lands on the board. Lightning Strike should probably be Chandra's Defeat, which can kill Glorybringer, Chandra, and the most playable dinosaurs with a single mana.

mrfab13 on B/U Controll/Mill

3 days ago

it needs draw power, id consider adding energy into your deck and running stuff like Glimmer of Genius, Minister of Inquiry and Aether Hub. if no for energy then Pull from Tomorrow, Hieroglyphic Illumination or Tragic Lesson

id also run Compelling Argument for popper mill. i know that Fleet Swallower + Frayin Sanity inta wins but if they have a kill spell than you loose. Compelling Argument can also be cycled if you dont want it.

for removal Never / Return, Walk the Plank, Depths of Desire (last 2 ixalan)

Commit / Memory would go well in you deck i think

for sb id run Spell Swindle for any big creature decks so you can play Fleet Swallower and have mana for disruption aswell. id also look at Glyph Keeper as it a pain for removal and a 4 turn clock for if they have a sb plan for mill.

for your build id cut Seer of the Last Tomorrow and Trespasser's Curse

also the deck isnt standard legal reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ironeyes on U/W Approach

4 days ago

Nice deck! I'm building something similar right now. I'd say what you need most are ways to dig for your Approach of the Second Sun. Running more copies of Glimmer of Genius over copies of Opt is probably the best way to do this, but adding more cycling cards will help too. Censor will work better for you than Spell Pierce, since it accomplishes a similar effect, but also has the option of cycling if it ends up dead in your hand.

If you want more removal, Cast Out is also an awesome card, since it works similarly to Ixalan's Binding but can operate at instant speed. And speaking of removal, you'll probably need more copies of Fumigate. It's looking more and more like Carnage Tyrant is going to rule this metagame, and he stomps all over you if you don't manage to draw a good board wipe.

For curiosity's sake, what role does Demystify serve in the deck?

Variux on U/B first time control

5 days ago

Really good job on your first deck! The mana base is there, and that's difficult to do some times. A few recommendations:

1.) Get rid of Cancel. It's not super great, and Disallow is great. It is more expensive by a considerable margin, but any control decks in Standard should definitely be using Disallow as it does so much for it's cost.

2.) Get rid of Reverse Engineer. Without the improvise ability the card is pretty bad. Glimmer of Genius is great and you already have some, so add more. With control decks you want to minimize the amount of sorcery spells you have, because you're always going to want to have mana open on your opponent's turn. If you cast a sorcery for 4 mana and you only have 5, you can't do anything to counter their spells or destroy their board. This is why you wait until the end of your opponent's turn to Glimmer of Genius, or cycle your Censor. You get to draw your cards immediately and follow up by drawing on your turn.

3.) Hour of Glory is way better in your sideboard. If you're playing decks like Ramunap Red or other decks that play gods, this card should come in. Most cases, it's just a 4CMC single removal spell which isn't so great compared to being able to Fatal Push something for 1.

4.) Hieroglyphic Illumination is a better card for you than Reverse Engineer. Play it at the end of your opponent's turn or cycle it and you'll be way better off. :)

5.) The mana base will be rotating shortly. You'll need to pick up copies of Fetid Pools and Drowned Catacomb shortly. They're not super expensive, and are very necessary.

6.) The Scarab God. I know you said you were trying to keep it cheap, but this card is honestly the best part about playing U/B Control. He is ridiculous to remove, is an absolute powerhouse and probably one of the best cards in Standard.

7.) Ixalan has brought a ton of great new blue spells! Opt is fantastic. Spell Pierce is one hell of a card as well. Chart A Course is a great sorcery for late game when you have creatures out. I'll talk more about Ixalan below.

Ixalan has recently dropped, and there is an emerging Pirate Tempo deck which plays similar to a control deck. You play a ton of counter spells as well as pirates which will take advantage of their abilities to in essence, control your opponent and play at a fast pace. It plays cards like Kitesail Freebooter to take away your opponent's removal spells so he stays on the field, Siren Stormtamer to counter anything trying to remove your creatures or hurt you, Hostage Taker to take away your opponent's strongest card and cast it if you can. This is where the synergy of Kitesail and Stormchaser come in, as they can protect your Hostage Taker until you can cast their creature. Dreamcaller Siren taps your opponent's creatures before they can attack, can then be hit with Unsummon to bring him back to your hand and do this over again if you can. Perilous Voyage bounces a non-land permanent back to your opponent's hand and then allows you to scry 2 if you it's <2CMC. Ruin Raider gives you insane card advantage at the end of each turn along with Opt and Chart A Course. Fatal Push is your prime removal card, Spell Pierce, Lookout's Dispersal, and possibly even Vraska's Contempt are your removal and counter spell package. Duress can be played to remove your opponent's removal and protect you as well.

I don't know how expensive it will be because I'm not sure how popular pirates will be, but it's looking like a really sweet deck so far and I'm super hyped to play it.

Hopefully this helped you a bit!

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