Glimmer of Genius


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Glimmer of Genius


Scry 2, then draw two cards. You get EE.

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Glimmer of Genius Discussion

bellz76 on Azorious Embalm (Looking For Suggestions)

17 hours ago

I have two thoughts about your deck. First, I think you should be running Angel of Sanctions in the main. I would suggest 3 of them. I think a cast out attached to a 3\4 flying body is pretty good. Add to that it embalms? I see it in your sideboard, but what would you board that in for that it wouldn't already be good if it was in the main deck? Would you ever board it out? You said you wanted to add more removal, right? I think he's the real deal.

Second- I think you need some form of card drawing in here. Anything from Glimmer of Genius to Pull from Tomorrow to maybe even 3 or 4 Take Inventory... something to let you see more cards. You could even run something like Forgotten Creation to pitch all your embalm cards and draw that many more cards and then embalm them soon after. But I really think you need to see more than 1 card a turn.

I'm not sure what to suggest in the sideboard since it sounds like the main deck might be changing. Some generic sideboard cards might be Fragmentize for the artifact and enchantment decks, Negate for your control matches... I'd probably add one more Cast Out to sure up your match-ups vs decks with heavy planes walkers... The rest would be dependent on your local meta, or something you find the deck is weak against when you start testing.

Hope that helps some.

crocs on Double Gearhulk Control

3 days ago

Angel of Sanctions, Aethersquall Ancient, Sphinx of the Final Word and Approach of the Second Sun would all be appropriate alternate wincons for a deck like this. Less prototypical control wincons might include Curator of Mysteries, Glyph Keeper, or Brisela, Voice of Nightmares.

I'd up to the full playset of Glimmer of Genius if you're going to play Confiscation Coup--I mean, why not? I'd consider Pull from Tomorrow over the remaining two copies of Hieroglyphic Illumination for the big grip refills. Cast Out or Stasis Snare would be a good addition to this deck as well.

landofMordor on Temur? (Please help me)

3 days ago

Ok, sweet core of the deck so far. I see two routes you could go: energy monsters, or straight aggro/midrange monsters.

The reason I say this is because you're not utilizing Exert to its fullest potential (e.g. untapping or vigilance each turn). Celebrant, Glory, Champ of Rhonas are probably only going to be exerted once or twice per game. So I'd say you should capitalize on 4x Champion of Rhonas, cheating out Aetherwind Basker or Aethertide Whale or Ulrich of the Krallenhorde  Flip or any RG fatty. If you go the previous two, then go full energy with Glimmer of Genius, Glassblower's Puzzleknot, and Rogue Refiner. If you go the latter, energy won't help you as much, so just go with card-draw goodstuff.

I'd personally be tempted to go the Energy route. But at any rate, find slots to cut in the Cartouches, Hazoret (Rhonas is better here), the Crashers, Charioteers, and Exemplars. Those are cards that don't directly support the aforementioned strategies, so they'll be the first to go if you make any of these substitutions. Also, put in two more Negate over Scatter -- your creatures will always be bigger, so you need to watch for removal instead. Keep something like Unsubstantiate and Ceremonious Rejection in SB for Ulamog and Marvels.

Hope this helps refine a deck that's already sweet! Mention me if I can do anything else or if you get any breakthroughs.

djnewellmit on UG Benefactor

3 days ago

I like you deck concept (+1'd for the idea), but it looks like it can still use a lot of work.

For starters, if your goal is to emerge into the Eldrazi, I think you want more targets to sac than to emerge. At the very least, I think your strategy would call for a full 4x Treasure Keeper. maybe by dropping one boar and one octopus.

I like the idea of Aid from the Cowl, but it's very disappointing in action. For example, you forfeit the cast triggers of both the Decimator and the Deep-Fiend, at which point a better deck option is Aetherwind Basker. I would recommend you consider as options to replace Aid:

  • Glimmer of Genius for both card filtering and advantage

  • Nissa, Vital Force slots nicely into the same curve spot as Aid with more flexibility and consistency.

  • Lifecrafter's Bestiary gives you some card filtering, and makes your little mana dorks more useful when you draw a card as they enter

Lastly, I just wanted to point out a couple additional options for mana dorks that can work nicely in this deck; you have a good selection already. All you have to do is figure out how many, and what proportion of each. I might consider swapping out the Servants, as I find it hard to keep them charged with energy consistently (although swapping in Glimmer for Aid would help there).

  • Channeler Initiate makes a nice source of both your colors. Unlike Servant of the Conduit, when Channeler runs out of fuel, you are at least left with a decent body.

  • Beastcaller Savant can help speed out your other mana dorks and emerges, although I would probably not consider him for your deck. He is such an easy target for removal, especially with Walking Ballista lurking in so many decks.

multimedia on Energy Elves

4 days ago

I've done a swap of the number of Glorybringer and Verdurous Gearhulk. 4x Glorybringer gives me better odds to draw it and get it into play turn four or five. I've also increased the number of Mountain to 3x cutting 1x Forest to make room. Glorybringer is double red so having another red source that doesn't come into play tapped really helps.

The difference between the Dragon and Gearhulk is the Dragon's haste. Creature removal is good right now and I get more value faster out of the Dragon than Gearhulk. I've also found the Dragon to be much better than Gearhulk in both Mardu Vehicles and Zombie matchups, especially Mardu as a great way to deal with Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. Gearhulk is also an artifact, the Dragon isn't, which is relevant.

I was sideboarding a third Glorybringer, but I don't need to do that anymore, I cut it for a third Manglehorn. I like Manglehorn in both Marvel and Mardu Vehicles matchups, especially Mardu because it can kill Heart of Kiran and slow down Scrapheap Scrounger.

Small Summary, Sideboard Cards for Matchups (Look for a more in depth guide in the Sideboard Card Choices section soon):

Wombatz on STD - Mindfulness

4 days ago

turn aside is not a very good card. you don't have enough cyclers for drake haven to be good and the black splash in your sideboard is tough because they're mostly bb. cut blighted cataract for Choked Estuary. cut baral, horribly awry, essence flux, drake haven, 1 void shatter, and turn aside for 3 Pull from Tomorrow, 3 Essence Scatter, 1 more torrential gearhulk, 4 Glimmer of Genius, 4 Dynavolt Tower. your deck will be better.

bellz76 on Dttezzeret

5 days ago

You really could use some card draw in here. Glimmer of Genius does everything you want. Digs to your key cards, draw those cards, and gives you energy.

Also, Censor is the real deal. It's great early, and late you just cycle it for U to get to your other removal\ counters. I would try and make this a 4 of in place of the negate\ essence scatter\ rebuke combo you have.

And some hard removal will help you vs those games against the big creatures. Something like Never gets planes walkers and creatures. And the Fatal Push or Grasp of Darkness take care of the early threats.

Apricottage on UR standard shit.. idk...

1 week ago

Also you have a total of 5 Glimmer of Genius.

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