Glimmer of Genius


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon

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Glimmer of Genius


Scry 2, then draw two cards. You get EE.

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Glimmer of Genius Discussion

Squirrelbacon on Torrential Moon

3 minutes ago

Hello! I've been playing blue moon for nearly a year now and I have a few suggestions.

First off, even with card draw and scry, running 4 moons is a bad idea. Redundant moons don't really help you at all, especially in game one. There are very few main deck answers for a moon, if it is on the board it generally stays so drawing an extra really hurts more than helps. I'd recommend running Enigma Drake as a one of over it, as your graveyard will fill up fast.

Next, I feel your conterspell and removal suite to be a bit off balance. Lightning Bolt is great, but there is only so much it hits. To be honest, bolt is falling out of the meta. Death's Shadow, Thought-Knot Seer, Tarmogoyf and Arcbound Ravager don't care about bolt, however goyf and ravager care about Spell Snare, as does Snapcaster Mage, Dark Confidant, Scavenging Ooze and so much more. With that in mind, don't be afraid to run sorcery speed removal. Flame Slash, Roast and Serum Visions should at least be considered for the spells of the deck. Glimmer of Genius may also be worth a peek.

I think that the creatures are fine, I personally don't run them as I prefer more spells but they do their job.

Here's a link to my list if you want to look over it for reference!

Blue Moon

Everytime I've played with it I've done well... 4-1 several weeks, 3-2 is most common since I have many Death's Shadow players, burn players, and affinity at my LGS. A bit too fast paced for the deck.

Best of Luck!

ceji3 on U/W Control

7 hours ago

My recommendations via the current meta.

-1 Kefnet, -1 Dovin, -1 rebuff, +3 Torrential Gearhulk
I understand you want more resilient threats, but Gearhulk is just so good. He gives so much value for what you want to be doing. Now, saying that, some cards, namely Pull from Tomorrow, are not very good w/ gearhulk.

-3 Pull From Tomorrow, -1 Rebuff, +4 Glimmer of GeniusGlimmer is great, idk why you wouldnt play it. 4 mana dig 4 cards. Pull from tomorrow is 6 mana to do that, although you do draw 4.

Also, rebuff is not very good right now, as there are still quite a few artifacts running around.

Mono red is very good right now, so you need to be able to survive to get to those turns. I recommend 1 or 2 Blessed Alliance, as it can remove creatures and gain life for you.

Also, why are you running Gideon of the Trials? Gideon, Ally of Zendikar is just so good.

Pieguy396 on U/W Control

1 day ago

I'm not a huge Standard player, but I hear that Glimmer of Genius is pretty good in control decks. Also, Dovin Baan seems a little weak, as he doesn't strongly impact the board a lot. Maybe go -1 Dovin, -1 Prairie Stream for 2 Glimmer?

NobleGhost117 on Opponent Rage Producer

1 day ago

If you're keeping your deck black, then I would recommend a few board wipes like Flaying Tendrils or Yahenni's Expertise to balance the board if things slip through your fingers. Some potentially good cards are the three torments: Torment of Venom, Torment of Scarabs, and Torment of Hailfire.

If you're adding blue though, you've got a whole new approach to fun. Things like Baral, Chief of Compliance reduce your spells by 1 mana, as well as allows you to cycle through useless cards whenever you counter a spell. You also have access to things like Glimmer of Genius and Anticipate for draw power.

Even if you don't change anything, I like the deck and the evil thoughts that went into it. Maybe I'll build it if I find the pieces lying around.

TheAnnihilator on Unspeakable Deck- CONTROL DECK, NEEDS CRITIQUE

2 days ago

Into the Roil or Cyclonic Rift is prolly better than Vapor Snag. Glimmer of Genius and Pull from Tomorrow are good inclusions. If you include Engulf the Shore, then it would be a nice synergy to play cards like Augur of Bolas too, since they'll come back to your hand (another example would be Omenspeaker).

The issue with the Peer Through Depths, Reach Through Mists, and Sift Through Sands combo stuff is that it's all very reliant on having it all at once in addition to the fact that both The Unspeakable and Delver of Secrets  Flip are very easy to remove, which makes it difficult to actually win. All it takes is a resolved Doom Blade and you will eventually run out of counters and can't win. The by and far best wincon for budget monoblue control is AEtherling, because it pumps, unblockables, and saves itself from virtually any type of removal by exiling itself. Elixir of Immortality is cute too.

Djanisol on Mono Blue Fraying Sanity Mill

2 days ago

Here is the problem so far with the deck. If I don't draw my combo pieces, the game goes long. Seems like I can stall most decks until turn 9-12 but at some point I just can't hold them off any longer.

Solution 1 - Metallurgic Summonings main board, I have tried 2 and really like it. If I have mill running, I never cast it. If the game goes long then it can help stall with chump blockers or even win the game out right by making a ton of tokens.

Solution 2 - Add 2 more draw spells, right now looking at Glimmer of Genius because this is for helping late game. On turn 6-8 I can cast it on their end step. Help to draw some juice to finish out the game.

I like #1 but seems like if I side them in instead on game 2/3, most players have sided out all there removal making it even stronger. Where #2 helps me focus on my main win con. Both have merits, I will test both and let you know the results.

Loco-Motive on Chandra/Bolas Control - HOU

3 days ago

Hey, Ol_man, thanks for chiming in with some feedback!

I've made some adjustments tonight prior to playtesting with a buddy who came over. I added in one additional Choked Estuary in place of an Island as well as included a third Glimmer of Genius. I do like the card and it came up handy at the end of my opponent's turn 4. I liked that feeling a lot.

I also am keeping room for the Anticipates that I have in here. Both have their roles. Anticipate, more often than not, smoothed out my mana early in the game. Making sure I had the 4th or 5th consecutive land drop.

Adding in one copy of Unlicensed Disintegration to handle a big threat at instant speed that would otherwise not be affected by an Abrade or, god forbid, even an Hour of Devastation.

I'm hesitant on adding Aether Hubs in here, though. And maybe I'm just overthinking it a bit. I don't use Harnessed Lightning. If I did, Aether Hubs would be an auto-include. As of right now, I'm just not feeling them. Harnessed Lightning took a bit of a back seat for me when Abrade got printed.

Tonight I did some testing with a friend and this deck did well overall. Lost some games here and there but never lost a match! Played against a Fevered Visions control deck, an Energy Pummeler deck, and a Mardu Vehicles deck. All wins. The counterspells in this deck are key. I liked seeing both Anticipates and Glimmers when they came up. Hour of Devastation was a great clean-up.

Interesting interactions with The Locust God was that Anticipate and Supreme Will don't trigger the God, as they specify that the cards are "put" in your hand, not actually drawn. That was a bit of a bummer, but I'm willing to overlook it for now while the God is able to generate his own card draw for more flying tokens! He performed well!

And in my playtesting, I was able to ramp Chandra into Bolas on TURN 5! It felt so good with him coming out that early and he just straight up won the game.

Going to continue to test but this deck gave me all the good feels tonight. It played really well.

Ol_man on Chandra/Bolas Control - HOU

3 days ago

Ares111123 bruh

Not trying to cramp your style but, the lands are slow. I playtested against it 4 times and alot of the time Bontu's Last Reckoning (2 of the seven black lands are needed) would be unplayable.

This is a control deck right? I could see 4 of if it was a midrange deck and your end game goal was turn 6-8 with creatures being played often but, control, Chandra, Flamecaller might be better? Drawing multiples doesn't make her any better, if anything after the fist is drawn the others might contribute to a loss.

Anticipate might be good at times but Glimmer of Genius seems great, its card advantage first of all, and if you throw in ways to make use of the energy then, its even better. The whole deck doesn't have to be built around it, 7-8 energy cards and 4 Aether Hubs should be fine.

This deck needs more ways to stop creatures since it doesn't have many creatures itself or a deck like Really-Good!! (won't link check my page or playtest if you'd like) will walk all over it.

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