The great Samut, our grand warrior mother. Focused and furious, she strikes with tremendous speed. Willing to forfeit her vigilance for another. No wonder they all want to follow her lead.

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Hello there and welcome to my Samut build.


Samut is a card that speaks to me both because of its mechanics and its flavor. Samut is an example of a great leader, charging her team into battle, while remaining vigilant and helping others if they've let their guard down. Mechanically, giving everything haste and allowing another creature to untap led me to go for a combination of tap-untap-shennanigans as well as straight aggro with big creatures.

The Game Plan

With this list, I want to make use of Samut's haste granting ability in a few different ways.

  • First, I want to use it to make tapping utility creatures less risky, as we can use their effect right away when Samut is in play. This led me to included such creatures for most of my ramp needs (like Bloom Tender ) for hate (like Intrepid Hero ) and for tutoring (Like Captain Sisay ).
  • Second, I was looking for creatures that have a cool trigger once they attack or connect. Cards like Balefire Dragon and Drakuseth, Maw of Flames are just way stronger if you can attack with them right away, getting these effects immediately with a lot less risk than we normally would.
  • Third, I wanted to find other ways to untap my creatures. On the one hand there are cards like Seedborn Muse that let us activate our utility creatures more often. On the other, we have creatures that give us an additional attack phase while also untapping all creatures. Cards like Aurelia, the Warleader and Combat Celebrant really bring together the utility-value part of the deck with the aggro strategy.

All taken together, this lets Samut create an army of synergistic utility creatures that can tap multiple times a turn, putting more of them into play than can be activated again right away, while also attacking with big beaters multiple times, leading to a wonderful synergy snowball of value and damage.

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Untapping For Value

In the early game, we are trying to assemble a set of synergistic utility creatures to get us a lot of mana and to setup for the mid game. Getting out Samut on turn 4 should be easily achieved. Once we are in that position we can go for an explosive turn and get aggressive.

A great path to generate a lot of value in one turn is via the creatures that untap lands (like Argothian Elder ) and those that put more lands into play (like Sakura-Tribe Scout ). When you are able to activate these a few times a turn, you can get crazy amounts of mana quite fast. Lands like Gruul Turf and Lotus Field are easy ways to multiply your mana and get crazy turns. These lands also synergize well with Weathered Wayfarer keeping our land count low enough for more activations. Ranger of Eos and Yisan, the Wanderer Bard are great to get components of this engine into play more often.

Attacking From Multiple Angles

What keeps this deck from a big durdlefest is the speed at which we can get big impactful beaters on the field. Elvish Piper and Etali, Primal Storm provide some on-theme ways to flood the board. A lot of our beaters with an on-attack or on connect ability have flying, increasing the likelihood we are getting some of their great triggers.

With the emphasis on creatures, this deck also turned out a great place to put in Primal Surge . By activating a ramp creature like Bloom Tender or land like Lotus Field multiple times, we can get to 10 mana quite early in the game, cheating out a big chunk of our library and leading to a devastating attack. This does put a clear build restriction on this deck, limiting the use of sorceries and instants.

Getting multiple attacks a turn can also lead to the victory. It multiplies our the value we get via our utility creatures, gives us more triggers of our on-attack beaters, and gives us more damage. Buff creatures, like Pathbreaker Ibex can get pretty nuts with several attack phases. We can even get infinite attacks through Aggravated Assault and a few mana dorks or land-untappers. There are also a few cards here that make use of Samut's double strike ability, like Umezawa's Jitte , allowing the deck to kill off opponents via commander damage.

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With the speed this deck can commit to the board, I included a few ways to protect that commitment. Selfless Spirit , Gaddock Teeg and Mother of Runes are some on-board insurances, while Reconnaissance and Maze of Ith protect our on-attack creatures from walking into their deaths, while still triggering their on-attack effects.

Intented Power Level

With this deck I didn't went all out on competitiveness. For example I steered away from Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker based win conditions and did not go for crazy lands like Gaea's Cradle . However, I do think this deck has turned out quite formidable regardless.

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Closing Thoughts

Aggro isn't the most successful strategy for EDH, but accompanying it with ways to generate a lot of value makes Samut a very interesting commander for this play style. This deck is my latest creation, so please feel free to give me some tips on which cards to include to make this deck perform better.



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