Scion of Oona


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Lorwyn (LRW) Rare

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Scion of Oona

Creature — Faerie Soldier



Other Faerie creatures you control get +1/+1.

Other Faeries you control have shroud. (A permanent with shroud can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

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Scion of Oona Discussion

Fleetwood-Mat on Fleet's Faeries

2 days ago

ersatz_olorin it's the only 1 mana permanent in the deck, but I actually considered trimming them down from 4. The thing is that the value of what it provides is too great, it can help you ramp for spells faster, helps your creatures dodge counterspells, allows you to play creatures at instant speed... the deck isn't super fast, so having plays to set up plays 2 or 3 turns later on turn 1 can be a real difference maker and can help you maintain momentum. A lot of times you need mana open on turn 3 for cards like Liliana of the Veil or Scion of Oona, so having the vial at 2 counters gives you the ability to play a Spellstutter Sprite and counter a 3 drop if you played Bitterblossom on turn 2. It obviously sucks when you need something late game and you topdeck one, but the amount of times it helps vastly outnumber those situations.

ArchonBlue on #1 Faerie

3 weeks ago

I really don't think you need green at all for Faeries, mono blue is fine for a budget build which I think is what you are going for. I'd make a list that looks like this:

4x Mistbind Clique

4x Scion of Oona

4x Faerie Miscreant

4x Spellstutter Sprite

4x Pestermite

4x Vendilion Clique

2x Mana Leak

2x Spell Snare

2x Logic Knot

4x Spreading Seas

4x Favorable Winds

4x Faerie Conclave

4x Field of Ruin

14x Island

I think you'll be pretty happy with that list and it won't break the bank. Good luck! :)

fluffyeel on U/B Faeries

1 month ago

Ooh, Faeries. I play with Faeries a lot, so, naturally, a few ideas came to mind.

  • I'm not a fan of Mind Sculptor in the deck. Yes, he's powerful, but he's a sorcery-speed four-mana spell that doesn't win the game immediately. Liliana's a much better fit here, especially being able to recur your faeries for even more fun.
  • Something I always recommend with Faerie decks is Cavern of Souls, and, in your case, you play a lot of wizards, so you can name that. Also in terms of landbase, I don't like Tar Pit, as it comes in too slow, and would suggest Secluded Glen instead.
  • I like using Scion of Oona, as it helps to protect your faeries (including Bitterblossom!) and smash face when that time comes. Four may be too much, but a few seem like good options.
  • In terms of hand disruption, my view is that Thoughtseize is pretty important: it's proactive threat neutralization for one mana (and two life), though Inquisition of Kozilek is perhaps better in the early game.
  • As crazy as it sounds, with all the blue you have in the deck, Commandeer may be a good option in the sideboard. It swipes Planeswalkers and big spells otherwise (ex. Part the Waterveil in the "oops all turns" builds), plus it costing zero mana means it can often come from nowhere. You also have Imp's Mischief as a very unexpected misdirection-like effect.

As for specific deck answers...

  • I run Hurkyl's Recall as a sideboard answer for Affinity/Lantern: two mana to bounce almost anything can be a lifesaver.
  • For storm (I don't know if it's very popular where you are), consider both Mindbreak Trap and Nimble Obstructionist. The latter can also serve as a 3/1 blocker/face smasher and can also stop nasty effects you don't want to deal with.
  • To deal with graveyards and graveyard shenanigans, either Extirpate, Leyline of the Void, Relic of Progenitus, or Surgical Extraction are all potentially good options to consider. I'm a fan of the Relic, but Leyline's useful as well in that it comes out on turn 0 if needed.

Draly on Faerie modern

1 month ago

Hey !

Autant je suis trs familier du legacy autant je connais beaucoup moins le modern donc prends mon avis comme celui d'un observateur extrieur. Mais avant de commencer, fais juste attention, une side c'est 15 cartes max ;)

Sinon je trouve a globalement pas mal, mon avis t'as une bonne base et s'il y a quelque chose faire c'est jouer avec le nombre dexemplaires de chaque carte. Par exemple je pense que 3 Mistbind Clique ou 3 Vendilion Clique c'est trop. La premire cote un peu chre, est finalement un peu situationnelle (y'a pas mal de match up comme burn o elle fera pas grand chose) et mme si c'est peu probable tu risques de pas pouvoir la cast... La seconde c'est un peu le mme problme, elle est bien contre contrle ou combo mais finalement assez moyenne contre agro, tout en tant lgendaire. 2 de chaque a me parat raisonnable, quitte effectivement rentrer 2 Scion of Oona qui est bon un peu tout le temps. De la mme faon je pense que tu peux jouer 4 Opt avec un voir deux lands de moins. Finalement pas tant de cartes chres, part les delve qu'ils t'aident jouer, et l'intrt du cantrip c'est de t'aider trouver ce que tu cherche, carte active ou land (c'est entre autre pour a que Delver se permet de jouer 3/4 couleurs avec 14 lands dont 8 fetchs en legacy). Et peut tre que tu voudrais un Ghost Quarter/Field of Ruin de plus contre les lands utilitaires.

Pour ce qui est du maybe board, Disfigure je pense sincrement que c'est un pige, c'est meilleur en leg qu'en modern et on malgr a on le voit plus du tout depuis la sortie de Fatal Push. Ancestral Vision mon avis c'est trop mou, t'es plus tempo que contrle vrai dire. Tour 1 c'est bien mais c'est un trs mauvais top deck, et autant contre agro/comb t'auras pas le temps de le cast, autant contre contrle tu veux justement prendre le rle d'agresseur. Tout le reste rentrerais bien dans le shell mais c'est plus une dcision prendre en rponse ton mta de ce que j'en vois.

Sgt.Pickles on

1 month ago

Hey man, awesome deck you have here! I'm currently trying to build a faeries deck myself, so I may draw some inspiration from yours and tell you what I come up with :)

As for recommendations, this deck has lots of potential but the big problem is that you're focusing on getting value from your unblockable ninjas, but that value isn't really working towards winning. The concept is too slow to be pure aggro, but if you increase the number of spells that just up and mess with your opponents, you'd be set...

Drop Elixir of Immortality, it's kinda pointless here. Writ of passage should be in the sideboard cause it's dead against decks that don't run many creatures (which there are many of). Higure is awesome, but his mana cost is expensive. Consider dropping one, if not both of him. Cut spell pierce as it's better for protecting combo decks, and instead run 4x Mana Leak. Familiar's Ruse is good, but consider Peel from Reality instead of or in addition to Boomerang- both have their strengths. I notice you have Ornithopter in here- probably for a more explosive start- but I wonder if it's not worth it since it doesn't deal damage? I guess it depends on your playtesting- Zephyr Sprite may or may not be better. Also, consider Spellstutter Sprite, and Serum Visions. Lastly, I'm too lazy to look anything up, but try finding blue anthem effects to pump your creatures. What comes to mind off the bat are Scion of Oona and Favorable Winds.

Keep up the good work dude :)

student-of-life on Scion of oona and sai ...

1 month ago

Can Sai of the Shinobi be attatched to a faerie with Scion of Oona on the battlefield? Not with the equip cost. It doesnt say target so was just curious. Thanks!

EmptyStar on U/B faeries

2 months ago

Scion of Oona is an incredible Faerie lord, and you can probably get a playset for like ~12.

abby315 on Kiortio

2 months ago

I would do that trade, but I actually just traded the Dark Depths away - I guess TappedOut hadn't updated my list. I do still have Scion of Oona and I'm happy to trade it. Do you see anything else?

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