Ritual of Soot


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Ritual of Soot


Destroy all creatures with converted mana cost 3 or less.

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Ritual of Soot Discussion

KaladeshKat on Grixis Pain Directory

4 days ago

I agree that Unmoored Ego is a control-killer, my favorite feeling in standard is ripping out all of jeskais teferis!

I like this look with Ritual of Soot in the sideboard. That card is a killer vs. White weenie, mono-red.

patrickloyd on Esper Control (Competitive)

4 days ago

I would agree with CrimsonKing on adding Settle the Wreckage. I would probably at least sideboard that card. I would also main Cleansing Nova and side Ritual of Soot The reason being it that Cleansing Nova can take care of all creatures, not just the low mana ones, as well as destroying potential enchantments as well since you are not heavy on the counters. Cleansing Nova is only one more converted mana cost more than Ritual of Soot and it is way more useful. However, I realize there are deck out there like mono red aggro that only run low mana haste creatures with haste that try to kill you as quick as possible; for those types of deck I would side in Ritual of Soot; but for many decks Cleansing Nova will be of more use.

patrickloyd on Esper Control (Competitive)

4 days ago

You make a good point, is that also why you have Ritual of Soot over Cleansing Nova?

-Arcanity- on Esper Anti-Teferi Control

6 days ago

Do not play Unmoored Ego ore Sorcerous Spyglass mainboard. Find space for Seal Away, Ritual of Soot, Cast Down, and Vraska's Contempt. (I would split between 2 bindings & two cast down, take in 4 cast down and 4 contempt in place of spyglass and unmored ego, and go down another three cards for at least 3 rituals. The current meta has some very fast decks (weenie, mono r), some flexible/midrange decks (mono u, golgari), and some very slow ones (jeskai, UW, dimir). So you gotta be flexible.

AlexHeinrichs on Damage with out Damaging.

6 days ago

Have you considered stuff like Legion Lieutenant or Radiant Destiny? You have very few early drops in the deck and a ton of 4/5-drops, Vanquisher's Banner is expensive and doesn't work very well with tokens. If your plan is to go wide, you might want to fully commit to that. Going 4x Queen's Commission, Dusk Legion Zealot(or Martyr of Dusk) and use Skymarcher Aspirant as your 1-drop for the early ascend plus an evasive 2/1 body might be the way to go. I just feel you're going in multiple directions with the list, going Vicious Conquistador -> Queen's Commission -> Ritual of Soot doesn't look like a good idea. Maybe try Golden Demise if you want a sweeper main deck that's a complete blowout with your early ascend. Golden Demise acts like a more versatile Pride of Conquerors if you're playing black. Also, enchantment based removal becomes better than things like Murder with that plan. Baffling End and Conclave Tribunal will help you towards ascend while dealing with your opp stuff, Conclave Tribunal especially to make use of your sorcery speed tokens, going turn 4/5 Call to the Feast into 0/1 mana Conclave Tribunal seems pretty good.

TrashWolf95 on Revival of the Fittest

1 week ago

Lotleth Giant works best with Liliana, Untouched By Death and 4 Stitcher's Supplier I would highly recommend both of those cards with this deck. I was playing Arena and hit my opponent for 12 life with Lotleth Giant and a graveyard full of zombies thanks to Sticher's Supplier.

As above said it really is worth playing Cabal Stronghold

Vicious Offering or Severed Strands I would say are a better replacement for Moment of Craving

Also 2-3 Desecrated Tomb would go nicely in this deck.

Ritual of Soot might be something to consider for the main or sideboard it's a good boardwipe

GolgariJunkman on GB Valueyard

1 week ago

Rhizome Lurcher - I would compare this guy with Molderhulk and the Hulk can come at least one turn earlier and he gives you land from the graveyard. My experience with Hulk: Early threat but without any evasion or trample which the Lurcher haven't as well, it will die horribly or gets blocked. So I would prefer Hulk over Lurcher even it will get bigger.

Necrotic Wound - At the beginning where I start to build the deck, I got a playset Assassin's Trophy, three Necrotic Wound and three Ravenous Chupacabra as the removal pack. While the meta, lgs-wise, switches to a drake-heavy gameday, I change the package to Kraul Harpooner and Cast Down. Cast Down don't require a full graveyard and while there aren't many copies of Niv Mizzet around it wasn't a bad addition, Kraul Harpooner needs one creature in the yard to kill the drakes while Trophy has the drawback "ramping the opponent". Maybe since the added Seekers' Squire which gives more tools to fill the graveyard, I could change the Removal pack back to Necrotic Wound.

My last thought is that I could change a little bit more to add another Journey to Eternity  Flip as well as a one-off Lotleth Giant as a payoff to the filled grave. I guess that I have to cut the Creeping Chill and the Maindeck Ritual of Soot to be more resilient.

Or should I add Blue (Chemister's Insight, Sinister Sabotage, Mission Briefing) or Red (Fight with Fire, Experimental Frenzy, Risk Factor)... Thoughts?

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