So this is my attempt at a somehow competitive Ukkima list for French Commander.

His abilities make it an obvious choice for voltron, and you would be right seeing as he is unblockable. But the problem is that in itself, ukkima has no impact on the board when he arrives and is really easy to deal with since he has no built in protection. But his second ability is his best one in my opinion: if ukkima leaves the battlefield (so going to graveyard, hand, exile, blink or being bounced) his ability triggers, making the opponent lose life and making you gain life equal to its power.

So this deck is completely oriented around ukkima: Reanimators like Feign Death , Malakir Rebirth  , Infuse with Vitality just make ukkima come back after having triggered his ability, to make the opponent waste his blasts on him. Goryo's Vengeance is even better because it allows you to reanimate him, attack and then sacrifice it at the end of the turn to double the amount of damage dealt by him this turn, a little bit like card:Beserk.

Bounces like Void Snare , Wipe Away or Echoing Truth are also pretty useful because they allow you to either bounce back troublesome permanents of your opponent, but can also help save ukkima from a blast while triggering his ability. Same principle with blink cards like Teferi's Time Twist and Ghostly Flicker

Also put some instant sacrifice generators to both handle your opponent's creature and sacrifice ukkima to trigger is ability while gaining some card advantage like Village Rites or Life's Legacy

2 other cards with some good interraction with ukkima are Aether Vial which allows you to freely put ukkima back on the board when you've used a bounce on him and Mimic Vat which allows you to imprit ukkima and put a token to either block or sacrifice, but still triggering his ability once again.

The rest of the deck is divided in 3 parts: board/hand control, draw spell and the Voltron part.

For the Voltron part, cards like Berserk work perfectly with ukkima, allowing to hit unblocked and then deal the same amount of damage again at the end of the turn after sacrificing it. card:Sword of Heath and Home also has a good interraction with ukkima because it makes him blink and therefore triggering his ability. Given how many times ukkima is suposed to die/leave the battlefiel, Rancor is the only aura i've put in here because it basically always come back in hand and only costs one mana to cast. The rest is split between the best bicolor Swords, Jitte and skullclamp, and spells that put +1/+1 counters on him.

Finally, i put some other creatures in there even tho they don't seem to interract with ukkima. Scavenging Ooze , Dauthi Voidwalker and Endurance are used to control the graveyard of the opponent to prevent them from playing too much with it.

Card:Cazur, Ruthless Stalker is moslty there for the colors, he mostly serve as a soft ukkima boost or a blast magnet before casting ukkima.

So, what do you think? Does this seem viable? What would you change?


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