My current angel-themed deck! This is more of a personal decklist so I can update and have a history of how my deck evolves and improves!


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Basically I felt that this deck needed some more value cards! (ALL ABOARD THE VALUE TRAIN!) Added cards that are effective as ETB and gain value throughout the game, Wood Elves , Acidic Slime and etc! Also added Sun Titan and such to give win an attrition war against green/black decks and such! Overall I love how well Ephara, God of the Polis has faired, better than Kindred Discovery 100% Looking to add some cards like luminarch ascention and maybe Linvala and Grand Abolisher but we'll see. Also going to buy the Masterpiece Mana Crypt to replace elvish rejuvinator, will defiantly add a lot of power to the deck!



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