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land base will be upgraded eventually. right now deck seems a little slow due to having to consistently have counters to remove so mvp's have been Hallowed Spiritkeeper or Promise of Bunrei for many tokens with counters. I know I'm not running tutors but I don't own any of the cheap mana cost ones at the moment. Still testing so any help is greatly appreciated. Typical wincons are Devoted Druid + Hashep Oasis or Ashnod's Altar + Kitchen Finks + Putrid Goblin to get infinite activations of tayam or infinite sac triggers with persist creatures and Ashnod's Altar.


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Dismember out for Darkblast. Extra dredge seems more useful than the full removal since I already run a decent amount and was using it for smaller creatures anyway. Destiny Spinner out for Stinkweed Imp. Again more dredge is useful, mostly a meta removal since I haven't been playing against much blue lately and spinner was dead more than not. Thanks to RNR_Gaming Qasali Pridemage out for Seal of Primordium. Not having to pay the one mana to activate just seemed more useful than the exalted from pridemage. Thanks to king-saproling Still trying to find room for mesmeric orb


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