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Savra, Queen of the Golgari (EDH)

Commander / EDH


This deck uses reanimation, hand/board control, and stax effects to whittle down the opponents resources while building up card and board advantage of your own.


EARLY GAME (Turns 1-3):

  • Mana ramp for big turn 4 play.

  • Lay down infrastructure for stax lock

  • Early reanimation. If you can get Hermit druid out thats a great start.

  • Use hand, land, and spot removal to slow opponents early game development.

MID GAME ( Turns 4-7):

  • Get things into your graveyard and hand while gaining a board presence (Card draw and dredge is key).

  • Kill threats. This deck has the tools to kill most permanent types, use them.

  • Start gaining card/board advantage through stax effects. You want your opponents hands and mana to be low.

  • Build up a "Haymaker": A play that is hard to stop and can outright win you the game. Although this is not a combo deck you can win through large synergistic, but not infinite, plays.

LATE GAME (Turns 8+):

  • If you haven't won through stax effects or single creature reanimation by now they are most likely no longer viable win cons.

  • Your health is getting low now so watch out for large damage plays. Use Spore frog, Savra, and removal to buy yourself some time.

  • Amass an army of tokens and creatures through large scale reanimation while swinging at your opponents with whatever you can.

  • Worms Harvest, Craterhoof Behemoth, and Vorinclex are your friends.


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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