"The reflections never stray far from each other, and when danger threatens, enemies face the power of both."

Riku of Two Reflections

Copies and Copies and Copies

This deck is all about replication but Riku isn't the only one copying spells. Packed with the best clones, token doublers and other utilities to copy both spells and permanents, this deck can churn out replicas even without its commander at the helm.

Copy creatures:

Copy tokens:

Copy permanents (like Doubling Season and Panharmonicon ):

Copy your triggers:

Abusing ETB

Riku 's ability to copy creatures as they enter the battlefield led me to focus on creatures with great ETB effects. These provide a great toolbox of options to respond to a variety of board states. An ETB effect can be great, but copying that effect one or more times can be huge value. As mentioned above, Riku isn't the only one making copies of creatures or their effects as they enter the battlefield so it's not unusual to get an extra two or more copies of a creature entering the battlefield.

Let's talk about Thassa, Deep-Dwelling . Being able to flicker a creature at end of turn is a great way to get one more ETB trigger off them. But as that creature re-enters the battlefield, Riku's ability to copy them triggers again. So flicker + nets two extra ETB effects (or more, depending on what else I have to double up on creatures entering the battlefield). I haven't gone harder into the flicker theme, in order to save room for all this replication.

Other Fun Highlights

Ending Games

My favourite way to close out a game is a Biovisionary win. Easy with a Rite of Replication or a Mirror March . Or just make copies with Riku and the many token doublers and clones .

Most often, games just end with a replicant army of monsters trampling my opponents to death. Perhaps enhanced with a Craterhoof (or two).

Suggestions and comments welcome.


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