Well completely revamped this deck! Lots of changes and still making them until satisfied. Even though prior too revamping it was 83% competitive Idk played slow and just didn’t have a good feel.. Went with the Knight/Angel theme for a Midrange/Voltron and worked out well. This Revamped deck is made with the goal of protecting Rafiq and equipment. Controlling play with counters and removal. Getting artifacts out quickly with protection for a Voltron Rafiq around turn 6. Lots of Creatures and enchantments that cover everything on the board with hexproof and indestructible. In the process of Mana fixing Tundra Mana Vault Windswept Heath Flooded Strand are on the way! 12/10/19 added the cards listed above. 8-16-20 Big update swapped cards for more protection and low end ramp also better equipment.

Decided that the Sun Titan was a good backup with 6/6 and vigilance it can’t also be a threat. I tried to keep mana cost around 3 for its ability.
Good amount counter spells 7 in all I believe. Force of Negation if tapped out, Stifle Disallow to stop activated abilities Counterspell Dovin's Veto to combo with isochrone scepter Mental Misstep to say F#%$ your turn one Sol Ring. Exile/removal for artifacts, creatures and enchantments Erase Return to Dust and exile with Swords to Plowshares. To help Slow the board state of opponent added Propaganda and Stoic Angel to slow down attacking. COMBO with Rest in Peace & Helm of Obedience for some mill hate. Strip Mine to keep your friends 2 open Islands in check.

Open the Armory Exploration Enlightened Tutor Land Tax to find equipment, enchantments, mana ramp. I picked Serum Visions over Ponder even though it’s one mana more I can draw a card and still scry 2 set up my next 2 draws. Some useful Creature that get equipment out fast Stoneforge Mystic Stonehewer Giant. Added in Sram, Senior Edificer for Card draw.
Knight Exemplar giving knights +1+1 and indestructible. COMBO Knight-Captain of Eos with Elspeth, Knight-Errant for FOG’n combat damage making tokens soldiers for sacrifice. Grand Abolisher Giving casting protection. Asceticism gives creature protection. Just added 8-16-20 Drannith Magistrate To help slow down opponents.
Birds of Paradise mana Puresteel Paladin Zero equipped cost for equipment (3 or more on board). COMBO with sigarda aid giving equipment flash. Thassa, God of the Sea unblockable ability. Grand Arbiter Augustin IV blue White cost less to cast while causing opponents more to cast. 8-16-20 Took out Medomai the Ageless added Noble Hierarch the cost was too much and I needed low end ramp.
Just name a few Steel of the Godhead And Shield of the Oversoul Game changers. Finest Hour sets up second attack phase. Grafted Exoskeleton Gives Rafiq of the Many a one shot infect COMBO. TBH all equipments/enchantments are strong and serves there purpose.
Incase commander shutdown TBH just gotta pick a creature and run with it. But for drop Serra Ascendant it’s a lovely cheap alternative Beat-stick with life link that makes friends real happy. 8-16-20 just added Questing Beast amazing voltron commander in its own right and if need be a great backup plan.

Please leave a comment and upvote if you enjoyed this deck and all advice/suggestions are welcome!


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