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Kynaios and Tiro's Enchanted Realm

Commander / EDH Aggro Combo Enchantment RGWU


When I first saw Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis I fell in love. I had to build a deck for them. But I do not really care for group-hug.

Then I realized they answered my difficulties for the Enchantress deck of my dreams, that is, the difficulty of getting some card draw going while setting up the Enchantresses, etc. They also gave me access to most of the Theros gods, which I also loved.

Thus, my "pimp" deck. They moved into the purpleheart hand-carved deck box, and they get all the shinies, all the Expeditions, and so forth.

I love them more each time I play them, and their "group-hug" aspect, though confined to the general only, is just friendly enough that I often fly under the radar until I win with an enormous Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis or Theros god attacking multiple times.

As with all my decks, there is a story component, and this one is no different. Kynaios and Tiro represent the lovers Orien and Caoimhghin, whose realm got absorbed into Faerie.


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