Claim out, needle in.

when i have time, change adnaus for phantasorgasmatron

Chain of Vapor and Cyclonic Rift are good cards

regrowth and sylvan tutor....hmm??should really add hurkylls reacall, because screw you Sigi

Could add:

Disciple of thje vault backup uearth???Frantic search

transmute cards





maybe some more counters, spell pierce?DD pile, if i ever add it.:Draw LED + Probe, probe for life, LED BBB in resp, draw Yawg, cast it, cast LED for 0, probe for life, LED for UUU in resp, draw labman, cast it, gush

buried alive > angel, trinket, auriok > reanimate angel > trinket gets LED > win

Dandys thoughs, Snappy is shit, adnaus is not great,Fow is good enough, dosent like silence and is wrong.


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