Journal Entry 1:

They emerged from the depths, their otherworldly presence casting a dark shadow over Zendikar. As a mere Soldier, my initial assumption is rooted in fear and confusion. What are these beings that defy the natural order, tearing through the fabric of our world?

I have witnessed their relentless advance. Philosophical assumptions begin to take shape. Are they agents of chaos, indifferent to our existence?

Or are they the embodiment of the consequences of unchecked power? A warning of the fragile balance that can be disrupted in the pursuit of power? These Planeswalkers wield mana like it weighed less than air, unaware of what their recklessness could cost us.

Journal Entry 7:

Fear is given name.


They immerged from the Blind Eternities, the space between plains thought to only consist of energies such as aether, mana and temporal energy. How very wrong we were...

Zendikar's landscapes crumble under their might. Do they symbolize the inevitability of change, a cosmic reset reminding us of the impermanence of our world? Are they a reflection of our collective sins, a manifestation of the consequences of our greed and exploitation?

Surely they are our gods, long since forsaken... for we are witnessing the receding of their grace, and in time like the ocean, soon the fullness of their wrath will break upon our shores.

Journal Entry 11:

Amidst the ruins, I'm left helplessly questioning whether I can truly capture the essence of the Eldrazi, as Zendikar gasps for breath. Perhaps they are a mirror reflecting the chaos within us, a reminder to confront our inner demons, or be consumed by them. Are they the architects of our demise or a cosmic force indifferent to our struggles? The answer remains elusive, lost in the debris of Zendikar's fall.

My initial assumptions veer towards our cosmic insignificance. Are we, like insects to them, merely a curiosity to these colossal beings and they are capable of comprehending human concepts similar to how we understand the algorithmic behavior of ants?

Their intelligence, so alien to us... Destruction may be a fragment of their agenda, driven by motives beyond the scope of mortal thought. A seed of realization takes root. Is our perception of reality just a thin skin stretched over us, protecting us from a truth so alien that it would lead to madness?

Journal Entry 14:

I turn my attention towards the spawn and lesser Eldrazi. Are they integral and individual or extensions of a larger being? Their actions are sometimes seemingly mindless, and at other times driven with such precision, they may be expressions of a will so profound that our universe struggles and accidentally transposes their commands. The potential for a Hive Mind among the Eldrazi sends a shock down my spine so sharp, it burns like the coldest of ice.

Brood Lineages, each guided by a titan, could share a collective consciousness, a strange, non-spatial connection influencing their coordinated actions. Otherworldly intelligence steering their objectives, hinting at a purpose beyond basic instincts. Alien minds orchestrating the systematic eradication of life on Zendikar.

Their appearance is so horrific, I wonder if it is a result of the perversion of our reality at their hands or if the very laws of our universe find themselves to be inadequate or in contradiction with something greater now being expressed... and our world in turn struggles under the weight of this existence, resulting in the distorted forms our gods have taken and bestow to their offspring.

If only their incomprehensibility did not surpass the laws of our world... Perhaps what we run in fear of we would instead draw near in awe of - their atrocities replaced by benevolent acts.

Journal Entry 22:

As Zendikar rages against their gods, a revelation surfaces. Are the Eldrazi truly destroyers of worlds? Or might they function as cosmic gardeners? Is their purpose to prune dying worlds, clearing the path for new life to flourish, and our plight might be part of a grand cosmic cycle? I heard from the other survivors that Eldrazi's are to be imprisoned - locked within a prison of hedrons imbued with magic.

If they are caretakers rather than ravagers, disrupting the natural order wouls leave the universe to go unchecked. What implications lie in the neglected plains, abandoned for millennia? The delicate balance... if mana, essential for all life, were to go untended?

What horrors or wonders might have unfolded had we only let them be? The Eldrazi's absence, a void in the cosmos, raises questions about what sustains the multiverse. If mana itself needs careful pruning, then what could happen if this mana builds up endlessly? Could it somehow create a rupture in the fabric of our very reality? Are the Eldrazi our true guardian protectors stepping down into our reality to maintain the necessary boundaries that exist between?

As the planeswalker and Eldrazi collide, the slow march towards annihilation keeps time with the pounding in my chest.

Journal Entry 26:

We were arrogant to assume the Eldrazi are not beautiful. Not naturally creatures of flesh and bone... they were coerced into physical forms on Zendikar, only manifesting horrifically as they bridge the gap between worlds. We have burdened them, and they have put on our form like a mismatched wardrobe.

The Eldrazi spawns, born from the dead tissue of their victims. A grotesque cycle, I now question whether this process is merely an inadvertant byproduct or a deliberate act orchestrated by the titans as they tirelessly endeavor to elevate us up out of our futility. They are beautiful.

Journal Entry 39:

Sensations of an irresistible pull, a call echoing in the depths of my mind. An enigmatic force. The once distinct boundaries between self and other begin to blur, as if my very essence both longs to and dreads conforming to her design.

Journal Entry 42:

Reaching out to Emrakul, the connection evokes a warm embrace. A strange blend of awe and surrender, the tendrils of her influence entwine, reshaping thoughts and perceptions. My resistance wanes. Surrender to the ineffable beauty and power. Self dissolves into the vast expanse. I shed all sadness like an illfitting skin...


enter image description here

Breakdown of the Deck

Basic Lands: 6x Wastes. With other utility lands and search spells, a few basics are necessary. 6 should be good without eating up too many slots for utility lands.

Card Advantage Lands: Arch of Orazca, Bonders' Enclave, Geier Reach Sanitarium, Sea Gate Wreckage, War Room

Scry and Surveil Lands: Zhalfirin Void, The Grey Havens, Crystal Grotto, Isolated Watchtower, Tocasia's Dig Site, Gallifrey Council Chamber

Removal Lands: Ominous Cemetery, Scavenger Grounds

"Tap for More" Lands: Temple of the False God, Shrine of the Forsaken Gods, Eldrazi Temple, Guildless Commons, Scorched Ruins

Tutor Lands: Sanctum of Ugin, Eye of Ugin

+1/+1 Counter Lands: Ruins of Oran-Rief, Forge of Heroes

Misc Utility Lands: Arcane Lighthouse, Cavern of Souls, Homeward Path, Mirrorpool, Reliquary Tower, Rogue's Passage, Terrain Generator, Tomb of the Spirit Dragon

Eldrazi Mimic

Liberator, Urza's Battlethopter

Matter Reshaper

Skittering Cicada

Abstruse Archaic

Conduit of Ruin

Roaming Throne

Oblivion Sower


Deceiver of Form

Meteor Golem

Bane of Bala Ged

Ulamog's Crusher

Breaker of Armies

Artisan of Kozilek

Void Winnower

Ancient Stone Idol

Kozilek, the Great Distortion

Desolation Twin

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

Flayer of Loyalties

Pathrazer of Ulamog

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre

It that Betrays

Emrakul, the Promised End

But What It Do Tho?
It's Zhulodok everybody. It's not that complicated. Spells over CMC 7 gain "Cascade, Cascade". I'll be honest. I've never seen a deck completely walk away with games quite like this. It's just crazy. I love it and I hope you will too.
Thaumatic Compass   + Terrain Generator This combo is particularly helpful if you're struggling in the mana department. It's costly but it can ramp you if you need to, or at least the compass can get you the 6 basic Wastes we keep in the deck.

Zhulodok, Void Gorger + Spine of Ish Sah If you're not cascading reliably, this is a great combo. You can have Ish Sah target itself when it enters, destroying it, and then it returns to your hand when it hits the graveyard. So you can reliably cascade when times are slow. There's no metal craft in the deck, and the artifact doesn't do anything else once it hits the field, so unless you really need to remove a threat, this is what you do every time.

Basalt Monolith + Forsaken Monument = (Thanks Profet93 for the idea!)

No pending upgrades at this time, but I am toying with the idea of adding flying somehow, if that's even possible in colorless. We'll see what happens.


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