My meta hasn't tried to run a Superfriends deck yet, so I thought to give it a try. The deck runs really simple, ramp up and overrun with Planeswalkers, bringing them back with Muldrotha and other recursions.

Doubling Season and Deepglow Skate to get Planeswalkers to ultimate faster. I have a few Fogs and counterspell-like effects to try and protect my walkers as much as possible.

While a couple of walkers have nice game-winning ultimates, Omniscience helps secure a win as well. Doubling Season + Mu Yanling + Muldrotha, the Gravetide out on the field is the guaranteed win for the deck.

The Maybe-board are other cards I thought might be good, but ultimately set aside for now. If you see any that might be a good exchange, let me know.

I am slowly building this deck up and would love some opinions and help to have it run even more smoothly.


Updates Add

I've removed some walkers and tutors for cards from WAR that synergized better than the removed cards, stuff like Spark Double to get two of the same Walker out, or Kaya's Ghostform to protect/recur an important planeswalker I want to keep.



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