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Prossh's Elfballs: The Cure For The Common Kobold

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Prossh is quite the resource to have available in the command zone. The Kobold tokens are created via Prossh's casting trigger, which can't easily be stopped. Combined with the Elven tribe he's on the next level. Once Prossh can be cast the game sometimes ends that turn. If not that turn, everyone's in real trouble the following turn. And he comes out around turn 4 usually.

The deck is super fun to play. It wins by pumping and attacking with Prossh and his army of Elves & Kobolds, but also with damage triggers from creatures entering play or dying.

Its interesting trying to figure out the optimal order for casting spells with this deck. You really need to plan multiple turns in advance all the time to get the best use of your cards. Some cards need to be played before Prossh, some after, some things are dependent on the match-up or game state. And you have to cast your Elves in the right order to generate the most mana each turn possible.

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