Krenko, Mob Boss cEDH

With the release of "Theros Beyond Death" we get a new card called Underworld Breach, this lets us net of any color with Lion's Eye Diamond. We can use the Mana to keep looping and generate a high enough storm count to kill our opponents with Grapeshot or destroy all their lands with Volcanic Awakening. We and our enemys draw our entire deck coz of repetative Wheel of Fortune casting.

Let me know what you think about the new card Underworld Breach in this deck.

Another Haste-enabler card from the new set would be Escape Velocity for giving Krenko haste + it has the nice "Escape" mechanic to get it back from graveyard when needed.

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Thanks for reading =) Feel free to thumbs up, text me advice or give new ideas on how to upgrade the deck.


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