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Sandstone Needle


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Common

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Sandstone Needle


Sandstone Needle enters the battlefield tapped with two depletion counters on it.

Tap, Remove a depletion counter from Sandstone Needle: Add (Red)(Red) to your mana pool. If there are no depletion counters on Sandstone Needle, sacrifice it.

Sandstone Needle Discussion

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Sandstone needle look-alikes

3 weeks ago

Are there any lands that are basically Sandstone Needle but for other colors? They'd be awesome in my bant proliferate deck.

Gattison on Pauper Dwarves

5 months ago

Dwarven Armorer is actually a rare, and Dwarven Ruins is actually an uncommon. Those early sets can be tricky. =P

Maybe use Duergar Assailant or Dwarven Nomad instead? And Sandstone Needle ?

tumamaenmondongo on Guilty Dinosaurs

5 months ago

mal099 I'm gonna goldfish a version with some Pentad Prism , Sandstone Needle and the aforementioned cards. I believe you still need to pack some Faithless Looting for card filtering, or at least Thraben Inspector since it's really necessary to have some card draw/filtering for combo pieces. Also you should have some mainboard protection like Standard Bearer , Benevolent Bodyguard or Apostle's Blessing (try not to get rid of yer own auras against white decks) since there's plenty of non-destructive removal around. Also, keep in mind that it's a 3 card combo so on an optimal build you're packing 8 copies of each combo piece, which leaves you little room for removal, protection, ramp, lands, reanimation or whatever you want to fill your deck with.

Boza on Budget Formatless Decks

6 months ago

While those are basically pauper decks that have some more expensive cards taken out of them, I think they will work.

The most powerful card that is banned in several formats, yet cheap are Cloudpost and Glimmerpost . Take a look at pauper decks when those cards were not banned and try to update them within the budget.

Curiously enough, storm should be pretty easy to assemble in this format - sure, you do not get to play Manamorphose , but most anything else is fair game. Sacland or depletion land storm ( Dwarven Ruins and friends or Sandstone Needle and friends) and Temporal Fissure storm should be both easy to make and obnoxious.

Technique_Student on It feels like burning

8 months ago

have you ever tried adding Arcbond or Blur of Blades or Browbeat or ( Ashling the Pilgrim for all the extra mana you accumulate) Sandstone Needle for more mana

mariowen on [cEDH] Krenko Combo [[Primer]]

8 months ago

SamsWrath thanks for your deck advice! Mox Opal is going in as soon as I have enough spare cash. At the moment it doesn’t benefit to remove Gauntlet of Power and Extraplanar Lens , but once I’ve included the artifact lands (for metalcraft) and some of the quick mana you have suggested, the benefits of those cards will be eroded sufficiently.

I will be keeping the ramp spells you suggest in mind. I am currently testing extra turn cards Last Chance and Final Fortune , and once I have decided if to keep them I will move on to those. What’s your thoughts on Treasonous Ogre to pay life for ramp?

I couldn’t warrant City of Traitors but Dwarven Ruins and Sandstone Needle are going in for sure. Crystal Vein I am going to pass on as I have never been left wanting more colourless as the deck has numerous ways of producing it.

Helm of Awakening would not work in my meta, the benefits given to the other players make it far too risky. Given this is a mono-coloured deck Ruby Medallion does the trick.

Torch Courier doesn’t give this deck enough benefit to earn a slot. I would typically play the haste card when I am all set to win. As this is targeted haste, the goblin army can’t swing out, requiring more pieces to win. Also, it doesn’t synergise with sacking Krenko back to the command zone and recasting with infinite mana.

Some great suggestions dude, thank you!

SamsWrath on [cEDH] Krenko Combo [[Primer]]

8 months ago

I know they're pet cards but, Extraplanar Lens and Gauntlet of Power are actually not very fast but rather, kind of clunky. I'd toss in Mox Opal and potentially more red ramp spells such as Lotus Petal , Simian Spirit Guide , Rite of Flame , Desperate Ritual , Pyretic Ritual and Seething Song .

Torch Courier is another good way to give Krenko haste and doubles as a body for Krenko if he doesn't need the haste.

Putting Krenko into play ASAP is the most important thing in this deck so you may want to consider these lands: Crystal Vein , City of Traitors , Dwarven Ruins and Sandstone Needle .

For all-around spell reduction Helm of Awakening is an excellent option!

If you add in more ramp I think you can reduce your total land count to 30-31 without issue.

SamsWrath on Jhoira Trinket Storm

9 months ago

You may be able to drop a few lands--especially if you add in the KCI combo. I tried to keep these suggestions as budget as possible but, a couple of them are in the $15-$20 range.

Some spells to consider:

Lands to Consaider:

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Sandstone Needle occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%