Achieved rank #44 October 15th, 2017!

Players at my LGS have testified that "The games [they] played against this deck were some of the most fun games of EDH [they've] ever played."

After shelling out a cool $1,000 or so for a few pretty foils and rarities, it's finally done!

This deck creates unpredictable board states by utilizing the cascade ability seen on Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder and Maelstrom Wanderer, and effects like those seen on Rashmi, Eternities Crafter as an engine to throw down group-hugging enchantments and unpredictable spells. Cascade triggers can be copied with Strionic Resonator. Isochron Scepter can be used in conjunction with Mystical Tutor, Personal Tutor, or Gamble to find your instants/sorceries, or combined with Fog or Constant Mists to keep enemies at bay.

Fabricate and Tolaria West will find a number of mana rocks and key artifacts. Cascade also proves especially useful for casting 1 CMC spells like Sensei's Divining Top or Mana Vault and freecasting a Mana Crypt.

This deck will have you and all of your opponents playing each others' cards, selecting targets at random,and exchanging control of permanents and/or turns between two or more players, as well as copying these effects with cards like Reiterate. Kess, Dissident Mage serves as a recurring Snapcaster Mage, helping to easily keep pressure on the boardstate.

Although you rely on the sheer insanity you create to win the game by chance, Comet Storm, Torment of Hailfire, and Disrupt Decorum are three ways to deal damage and squeak out a victory. These spells can be replayed with Yawgmoth's Will or Past in Flames, as well as with an array of spell recursion effects when your mana base is refined and you're ready to kill the entire table within two turns.

These spells become incredibly lethal when paired with Mana Reflection.

With this deck, you'll never play the same game twice. The match is guaranteed be filled with laughter and some collective groans from your table mates. No matter how pimped out your opponents' decks are, their strategy and planning will be thrown out the window, leaving the table at the mercy of your chaos!

Thank you to each and every one of you who read the deck list, upvote, leave a comment, or read this description all the way to the end. I look forward to sharing this wacky creation with as many players as possible in hopes of putting some laughter and whimsy into your EDH games.


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After playing with this deck for a while now, I have cut a few "win more" cards in the deck and replaced them with Wasteland and Thespian's Stage.

The only decision I have left is whether to include Tower of the Magistrate as one of the 32 lands.

Thank you to each and every one of you who read this list, upvote, or leave a comment. I enjoy sharing my creation with as many of you as possible in the hopes of introducing some laughter and hilarity into this fantastic game.


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