The original general for this deck was Momir Vig, Simic Visionary but Prophet of Kruphix was legal back then and the deck was too consistent and busted. I changed it to Vorel of the Hull Clade and changed the theme to counters (object no spell) and it's been very fun, if only slightly less busted. Vorel allows for some insane ramp and interactions by doubling the charge counters on mana rocks like Astral Cornucopia, Everflowing Chalice, and Crystalline Crawler repeatedly. Crystalline Crawler incidentally goes infinite with Freed from the Real on Vorel too once you get a decent number of counters on it.

The object of the deck and my play style is not to go infinite in any way (although it happens sometimes), but rather to just generate such a massive and overwhelming amount of value that victory is nearly unavoidable. The main wincon of the deck is Tidespout Tyrant, preferably copied a few times with Rite of Replication kicked, and Progenitor Mimic followed by casting a bunch of spells and bouncing everyone's permanents for the win.

Favorite combo in the deck is to enchant Arbiter of the Ideal with Aura of Dominionand twiddle it to put every artifact, creature, and land from the top of your deck into play at instant speed. If you have a way like Fathom Mage to instant speed draw past any blockage like planeswalkers, enchantments or non-permanents then you're golden. Also, once you have a lot of counters on Astral Cornucopia, Everflowing Chalice, or Crystalline Crawler you can cast Animist's Awakening to pull every land out of your library at once!

I have taken a few key pieces out of this deck over the years to fill in empty spots in other decks that I was playing more regularly but I am re-acquiring them to complete it again soon. Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir will be replacing Leyline of Anticipation and Simic Guildmage will be going in for obvious reasons, but also because he lets you move around the auras that tap and untap creatures.


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