Most combos and synergy in this deck use board wipes. Here are some cool combos and synergies using board wipes.

Anointed Procession , Parallel Lives , and Doubling Season all double tokens. The mention of these cards will be left out because it's just double as good when they are in play.

I chose selvala as my cmdr because of the ramp and card draw. And I purposely leave out cards like umbra mantle, sword of paruns and Aura Shards , because I don't want people to moan and groan when they see I chose to play with this deck. But I need to make her at least better. But in the most efficient and fair way possible.

These cards all make selvala stronger, but not broken, but one of these with selvala is enough to start running away with the game. Paradox Engine being the strongest of the 5. It allows you to make more mana after every spell but for the big mana spells it's the Nature's Chosen , Mana Reflection , and Instill Energy that work better here.

Helm of the Host + Paradox Engine once made it possible to cast 12 spells in one turn making 53 mana on turn 6

Ok we got mana ramp, we got card draw, we got lots of tokens, and a board state with ways to protect it. How do you win? It's simple, The finishers are...

These are all finishers. The last 2 are conditional finishers. Elspeth, Sun's Champion 's ult isn't always easy to get, but the board wipes help you get there. And Storm Herd is a lot of mana, but with a few ways to make extra mana, its possible. But this card isnt always a finisher. It is at it's best. If I can cast it at instant speed with Vedalken Orrery before my turn starts then it's perfect. But of course it has to resolve first. That's where Boseiju, Who Shelters All comes into play. This card is essential since most token generating cards are instants and sorcery spells.

-Logician: Selvala, Explorer Returned

r2mc: Selvala, Explorer Returned

Check out this video from mtg muddstah. First time for selvala on camera and she won. If you like the deck give an up vote. Of you have a suggestion please comment below. If you like the video like comment and subscribe to mtg muddstah where he makes 2 to 3 videos weekly.


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OUT: Quarantine Field this spells feels strong in your hand but always fails to removal. Mostly because you want to target things from multiple opponents and when multiple opponentvwant to remove it it's more likely to get removed.

OUT: Storm Herd , this wasn't a bad card although it's tough to cast at 10 mana it's still doable at 10 in this deck. It's just that Finale of Glory is a strict upgrade.

IN: Finale of Glory is a strict upgrade to Storm Herd

IN: Finale of Devastation acts as a way to get 1 of the many 5 good game ending cards from the deck at sorcery speed (the 5 cards are, Avenger of Zendikar , Captain of the Watch , Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite , Myr Battlesphere , and Hornet Queen ). Of course can be used as a tutor for whatever I need for the circumstance.

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