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List of cards that are good for devotion

Commander / EDH*


Black (88)

Gruul (23)

WUBRG (20)

Dimir (15)

Boros (13)

Grixis (5)

Bant (2)

Green (71)

White (44)

Rakdos (18)

Orzhov (15)

Simic (13)

Esper (3)

Jund (2)

Commander (1)

Blue (49)

Red (49)

Selesnya (21)

Golgari (16)

Azorius (14)

Izzet (8)

Selesnia (1)

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Black is the most color devoted then green but green is the heaviest in cost to devotion with several cards that have 4 or more devotion, white is second because it has the most devotion if I would have included all the cards with 2 devotion. Red is lacking a little devotion but blue lacks the most in devotion


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